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Op-Ed: 10 Reasons not to bomb Iran

By Alexander Baron     Feb 18, 2012 in Politics
London - If you haven't heard the acronym CASMII, it's time you did. Founded in London in 2005, this is one of a number of organisations campaigning against sanctions. And World War III.
10 Reasons: why we should say no to an attack on Iran is a leaflet issued by the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran. There appear to be a few of them floating around in London at this present time, but like every other campaigning organisation, CASMII has a presence on the web. Although it is a nicely designed site, it is a disgrace it has to exist.
This latest campaign appears to have kicked off in earnest last Saturday; here is a report on it, not just from London but as far afield as Devon and Scotland.
Browse the CASMII website at your leisure, but you don't need to learn ten reasons not to attack by rote; just think of the countless deaths any such attack would result in, the cost of such mass murder, and what the same money could be spent on. Like housing some of the homeless people who appeared in this shameful documentary.
For a similar, equally sane view, here is what James Thring has to say on the same subject.
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