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article imageTopFinds: Details on Whitney Houston's funeral, PETA's racy ad

By David Silverberg     Feb 17, 2012 in Internet
More details on what will happen during Saturday's funeral for Whitney Houston. PETA gets in hot water for its sexually suggestive ad. The Wall Street cover letter going viral across the world. These are the top stories on
As we do every week on Friday, we've collected the top stories (as voted by you) and compiled them on one page. Digital Journalists found important breaking news in the celebrity world and also tackled fascinating science and environment stories.
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Top Digital Journal Reports

Congo protest in Toronto calls for Congolese president to resign (Includes interview) by KJ Mullins
Today protesters marched down Yonge Street in Toronto's downtown to protest the killings that are going on in their homeland of the Congo.
Why Johnny Depp made 'The Rum Diary' in Puerto Rico for Thompson (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Earl Dittman
Johnny Depp and writer Hunter S. Thompson had became close friends during the years they were part of the Hollywood machinery. As a cinematic farewell, Depp chose 'The Rum Diary' as his way to say goodbye to his mentor, friend & iconic pal.
Johnny Depp in  The Rum Diary
Johnny Depp in 'The Rum Diary'
Truro Model Railroaders Association: A passion for trains Special (Includes interview) by Lynn Curwin
The Members of the Truro Model Railroaders Association in Nova Scotia, Canada are passionate about their hobby, which they recently shared with others during an open house.
A summer of popular and classical music at the ‘Garden City’ (Includes first-hand account) by Igor I. Solar
Summer is a great season for enjoyment of the beaches and outdoor activities, but also an excellent opportunity for domestic and international visitors to attend various artistic and cultural activities in the Chilean resort city of Viña del Mar.
Preventing the collapse of one of the world’s largest fisheries (Includes interview) by Igor I. Solar
Differing criteria on the application of Interim Measures as a provisional approach for the management of pelagic fisheries in the Eastern Pacific pending the ratification of an International Convention may risk the survival of valuable fish stocks.

Top Images

This trio was created by Doris Soley from metal found on a property where a blacksmith s shop had on...
This trio was created by Doris Soley from metal found on a property where a blacksmith's shop had once been located.
A view of Yonge Street in between Davisville and St. Clair Avenue.
A view of Yonge Street in between Davisville and St. Clair Avenue.
Demonstration in support of the Arab Spring  Trafalgar Square  London  UK
Demonstration in support of the Arab Spring, Trafalgar Square, London, UK
Alex Mejia returns as starting shortstop for the Wildcats this season. As a junior  he is considered...
Alex Mejia returns as starting shortstop for the Wildcats this season. As a junior, he is considered a team leader that the freshmen players look to for advice.
 Mrs Fair Day  contestants.
'Mrs Fair Day' contestants.

In the Media

Whitney Houston dead at 48 years old by Elizabeth Batt
The AP is reporting that singer Whitney Houston is dead at 48. Houston was one of the world's best-selling female artists.
Westboro Baptist Church will picket Whitney Houston funeral by Kim I. Hartman
The Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, known for its radical demonstrations at the funerals of soldiers, celebrities, and homosexuals, has announced their plans to picket outside the funeral of music superstar Whitney Houston.
30,000 drones in American skies, civil liberties in jeopardy by Lynn Herrmann
A bill passed last week allocating more than $63 billion to the Federal Aviation Administration would increase the existence of drones in civilian airspace across America and is expected to be signed into law by President Barack Obama.
PETA's 'Boyfriend Went Vegan' sex advert raises controversy by JohnThomas Didymus
The controversial group PETA, is out with a new ad promoting vegetarianism. But PETA may be in trouble with women's rights campaigners because the ad appears to suggest that violent sex is the best sex, especially when the woman is at the receiving end.
Pumping out oil from Costa Concordia moving quickly by Marcus Hondro
After waiting for the search for survivors to end, then being forced to wait 2 more weeks during bad weather, the company hired to empty the fuel tanks of the Costa Concordia, has emptied two tanks in just two days.
Empire State Building owners file for $1 billion IPO by Leigh Goessl
Anyone who's ever wanted to own a piece of pricey real estate in New York, but couldn't afford to do so, may soon have the opportunity to own at least a sliver.
New GRACE satellite data on sea level rise from melting ice caps by JohnThomas Didymus
A publication in the journal Nature by scientists at the Univ. of Colorado, has estimated that from 2003 to 2010 the world's glaciers and ice caps lost about 150 billion tons annually, causing an average annual rise of 0.4 millimeter in sea level.
Video: Rare spectacle — whales, dolphins play in Hawaiian waters by JohnThomas Didymus
Images produced by the National Center for science Literacy, Education and Technology (NCSLET) showed a rare form of interaction in the wild between two species. Bottlenose dolphins and humpback whales were captured playing in Hawaiian waters.
Study: Pot smokers twice as likely to have car accidents by Elizabeth Cunningham Perkins
A new study at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada has provided evidence that drivers who smoke pot even hours before operating a motor vehicle are twice as likely to cause crashes as drivers not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Smoking pot
Smoking pot
Op-Ed: Revealing video shows mishandling of death row dog in Nashville by Ernest Dempsey
After news stories drew renewed attention to her case, a revealing video seems to be corroborating the opinion that pit bull Prada has been sentenced to execution because of breedist vengeance by the animal control staff in Nashville, Tennessee.
NYU student's bragging cover letter to JP Morgan goes viral by JohnThomas Didymus
A junior at NYU hoping for a summer position at J.P. Morgan sent in a resume and a cover letter filled with details of his super-human accomplishments in quaint bombast, and a single bizarre boast that is making many bank officials chuckle.
Bollywood: Aishwarya Rai, Beti B visit Big B in hospital by Katerina Nikolas
Amitabh Bachchan received a special visitor to his hospital bed on Tuesday, when Aishwarya Rai took baby daughter Beti B to see her granddad.
Lady Gaga shutout at Grammy Awards as Adele beats her 3 times by Marcus Hondro
Lady Gaga once tweeted fans her 'Born This Way' album was almost perfect and it may have needed to be perfect to capture a Grammy Award. U.K. singer Adele won every category she was in, a perfect 6 for 6, along the way beating Gaga three times.
Rick Nash to Toronto Maple Leafs rumour gets new hockey legs by Marcus Hondro
Here we go again with the Rick Nash to the Toronto Maple Leafs rumor. It made the rounds two weeks ago but there seemed no substance. As of Feb. 14 however, there either is substance or too much has been read into comments Nash made to a Columbus paper.

Top Blogs

Dare I say it? Bacon Cheeseburger Quesadillas! by Raquel Teixeira
I don't know where these ideas come from, but sometimes I just want to be playful with my food and all of a sudden an...
Making Bacon Cheeseburger Quesadillas
Making Bacon Cheeseburger Quesadillas
Recognizing picture moments by Ken Wightman
I take a lot of photos of Fiona. She is just 29 months, a little young for a camera. I've given her my Canon S90 but...
Xanax and Whitney Houston by Tim Sandle
Maybe a headline grabbing link, but the misuse of prescription drugs is a serious issue. Relatives of late pop icon...

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