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article imageCrows invade Pennslyvania town, 'go to the bathroom everywhere'

By Marcus Hondro     Feb 15, 2012 in Odd News
The residents of the college town of California in the state of Pennsylvania are likely to turn off the California band, 'Counting Crows', or anything that might remind them of crows. That's because the town is being invaded daily by hordes of them.
Those residents say thousands of crows are literally invading California daily, arriving at dawn and not leaving until dusk. The brief respite never lasts, the army of crows returns without fail the next morning and begins again with making noise and doing their business on sidewalks, rooftops, cars and even people.
“They just take off from every direction, they’re just all over the place,” resident Dave Mason told CBS Pittsburgh. “Their feces goes all over you, all over your vehicles and it’s been interfering with our business because people don’t want to come here for that reason.”
Crows invade California, Pennsylvania
The town is about 35 miles out of Pittsburgh but these are small-town loving crows, the nearby city hasn't had the problem. "It's really bad. It keeps us up at night. They go to the bathroom everywhere. Our cars get destroyed," Jen Sasko, told Channel 11 News Pittsburgh.
While the noise and pooping over everything is not to be minimized as an issue for townsfolk, who have tried, to no avail, blow-horns, laser lights and even a scarecrow to get rid of 'em, at least the crows are not attacking anyone a la the Alfred Hitchcock movie 'The Birds'.
Mind you, crows are in fact considered to be among the more intelligent animals on the planet so residents have no way of knowing if they're just casing the joint out before trying to take it over. Scientists, however, suggest that crows roosting together during the winter is not uncommon; they do it simply to keep warm.
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