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article imageOp-Ed: Scott Walker Stealing from the Poor

By John Bichler     Feb 14, 2012 in Politics
Scott Walker's balanced budget needs more money to be balanced, but instead of admitting he needs new revenue sources to fix the gap, Mr. Walker is going to steal from the mortgage settlement to fix his problem.
Scott Walker doesn't want to admit his balanced budget is a dud, or that his balanced budget really isn't balanced. He doesn't really have to do that, he can just steal money meant to help the victims of the mortgage crisis, and all he had to do was ask his Republican friend in the Attorney Generals Office to help him. With the help of the Attorney General Office, Scott Walker is going to take to $26 million from the mortgage settlement to help balance the Wisconsin's budget.
Scott Walker the "CEO of Wisconsin" didn't use Generally Accepted Accounting Practices, or otherwise known as GAAP to balance the budget. If Scott Walker did use GAAP on his first budget as governor, his balanced budget wouldn't be called "balanced." Mr. Walker promised to use GAAP to balance the state budget, but that was just a campaign promise, and nothing more. We can't expect Mr. Walker to keep a campaign promise, because, as we all know, he learned to do the right thing from his preacher father, and keeping your promises is something the Bible doesn't mention.
Mr. Walker did balance the budget using the cash accounting method. This is the method used by small businesses because it is very basic, money comes in and money goes out, and don't have to account future debts, not until they are due. The IRS doesn't allow business with gross receipts of more than five million dollars to use this method. So, if Scott Walker is going to claim that people elected him to be the CEO of the state, like he did in his CPAC speech on February 10, maybe he should hold himself to the rules of CEOs and use GAAP to balance his budget, and give the people of Wisconsin a more honest look at their financial numbers.
The "CEO of Wisconsin" won't use GAAP to balance the budget when he can steal money meant for victims of the mortgage mess. He can use this money to justify his tax cuts to the "Job Creators" in Wisconsin. Sure, he isn't stealing for the poor or from the victims directly, he is just taking the money that his meant to help all the victims. It isn't like the money was meant to help only the poor people that faced foreclosure. The money was meant to help states balance their budgets, because states have suffered greatly from banks giving them loans they shouldn't have received and then using shady practices to foreclose on them. It was the states that didn't have a voice in this whole mortgage mess, and it is a good thing the states are getting money to fix their financial problems caused by the mortgage mess and not blind allegiances to political doctrine. We all know government knows the best way to use this money, and government might create jobs if given this money because they are likely to spend it locally.
I am sure Scott Walker is going to put the money to good use. He has a track record of that. He used tax payer money to pass a voter id bill that cost $5.7 million and that carry conceal law that cost about $3 million for two years. These are great examples of money well spent by a man aiming for limited government.
As "CEO of Wisconsin," Scott Walker might look good to his wealthy Republican donors that have wet dreams of sticking it to the poor and working class, but to the poor and middle class, he is just another bad dream. If the poor and middle class had a voice, they would fire their CEO and look for a competent replacement. They would fire their CEO based on the facts that they were lied to about a balanced budget that used shady accounting practices, that even their CEO said was shady.
A real CEO that acted like Scott Walker would also spend time in jail for cooking the books and lying to shareholders (taxpayers) about the financial well being of the corporation(state).
It is also too bad the real "CEO of Wisconsin" didn't learn about Reagan needing to raise taxes and all that magical revenue created by tax cuts wasn't enough to keep the country out of debt. The "CEO of Wisconsin" should just keep using the propaganda model to make unions look evil and people forget things weren't that bad before he became governor, because telling the truth is something his pastor father never taught him.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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