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article image'Side by Side' film documents movie-making process

By Abigail Prendergast     Feb 14, 2012 in Entertainment
Actor Keanu Reeves is making the leap from actor to producer and commentator. In his latest project, "Side by Side," Reeves delves into the development of cinema from shooting on photo-chemical film to the digital format.
The Tribeca Film company has obtained the rights to actor Keanu Reeves' new documentary, Side by Side in North America. According to Deadline: New York, the flick portrays an eye-opening adventure regarding the evolution of movie production from traditional film-making to digital rendering and how it has affected the world of Hollywood in both a technical and aesthetic manner.
In the movie - which was produced and is being presented by Reeves - prospective viewers are able to witness the nuts and bolts of the past, present and future of the film-making process. The earliest incarnation of this art form dates back to an 1978 experiment conducted by English photographer Eadweard Muybridge who utilized what is known as persistence of vision to create the illusion of movement via paper prints of a galloping horse moving in rapid succession at 5 to 10 images per second in a hand crank-operated device.
The film camera as it became known in the 20th Century came about in the 1880s and allowed early film-makers to capture continuous single images and store them on a single reel of film. The technology to put sound on film, however did not occur until 1927 and as such movie screenings were accompanied by a piano player in the theater who provided the proverbial soundtrack.
In Side by Side, which was directed by Chris Kenneally, the groundbreaking jump from the film movie-making format to digital recording methods some 20 years ago is explored and dissected by Reeves. He also interviews legendary directors such as Martin Scorsese, James Cameron and George Lucas who provide their take on the phenomenon in great detail.
“Cinema is at a tipping point. Digital has challenged, and in some ways completely overturned, a process of making movies on photochemical film that has been a tradition for over one hundred years,” the director mentioned. “Side by Side is an intimate conversation between Keanu and the top professionals in the industry about this revolution and its impact.”
Keneally explained his initial encounter with Reeves back in 2010 in a statement describing the actor's fascination with the synergy of the traditional photo-chemical and digital elements of the film he supervised the post-production on.
"Side By Side evolved from those talks, and his enthusiasm was instrumental in setting the interviews," said Keneally.
Side by Side is set to be released this summer and a trailer for the film can be viewed at
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