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article imageOp-Ed: Two political meetings to avoid in London soon

By Alexander Baron     Feb 12, 2012 in Politics
London - In the 19th Century, the crank pseudo-economist Karl Marx turned up in London. His spiritual heirs still live here, and they will shortly be joined by yet more. Be sure to avoid them.
Karl Marx used to work in the British Library, or the British Museum Library as it then was. Although that has now moved to St Pancras, the building including the magnificent Round Reading Room is still there. Below is his seat.
Less than a stone's throw from what is now simply the British Museum, at 1 Bloomsbury Street, is Bookmarks. On March 5, this socialist bookshop is hosting a meeting where for a humble £2 and refreshments thrown in you can hear Andrew Kliman speak. He is the American author of The Failure of Capitalist Production. The subject of his speech? According to the Bookmarks mailing and the blurb on the gent's own website: “Kliman’s conclusion is simple but shocking: short of socialist transformation, the only way to escape the ‘new normal’ of a stagnant, crisis-prone economy is to restore profitability through full-scale destruction of the value of existing capital assets, something not seen since the Depression of the 1930s”.
A photograph of the seat used by Karl Marx. Taken by Alexander Baron c1991.
A photograph of the seat used by Karl Marx. Taken by Alexander Baron c1991.
Just in case you don' believe either your eyes or your senses, he does truly believe the way to make us richer is to destroy wealth. It is not clear from this if he is actually advocating starting another global war - with or without nuclear weapons - but if dear reader you think this is some kind of wind up, a certain Mr Gilbert Frankau advocated this back in the 1930s - in that case without the nuclear weapons, obviously. Mr Frankau was ignorant of the broken window fallacy; one is inclined to believe that as an economist, Kliman has at least heard of it.
Can destroying wealth ever be a good thing? The simple answer is yes and no. Imagine this hypothetical scenario. A jet flies low over a village, and the resulting sonic boom shatters two hundred windows. Clearly that is good news for the local glazier, as long as his own windows aren't broken. He will make a lot of money over the next couple of weeks, especially if the village is isolated and he has no competitors.
A not so hypothetical situation; in the past few years there have been major natural disasters in places as varied as Haiti, New Zealand and Japan. This results in demand in the short term for such things as clean water and medical supplies, emergency food rations...and in the longer term for the rebuilding of infrastructure. This may lead to companies in Britain, the USA and elsewhere winning large export orders, which will be good for their shareholders and their employees, but although some people benefit economically, earthquakes and tsunamis are bad things, and are to be avoided. Is Kliman so stupid he can't see this? Apparently he is. He should dump Karl Marx and read Major Douglas, who understands both money and real weath, but for Marxists and socialists generally, wherever ideology and facts conflict, it is the facts that must be explained away, twisted, or simply ignored.
If the freakshow promised by Bookmarks is not amusing enough, there is another one of an entirely different nature promised for March 10: Reinvestigate 9/11 Meeting. Yes, the loonies of the 9/11 Truth Movement have a foothold here too. These are mostly of a left wing persuasion, although unsurprisingly people of a certain ethnicity may interpret this meeting and indeed this movement as anything but on account of the purported involvement of the Mossad, the Israeli Government and God knows who else in this so-called false flag operation. For some brief background on 9/11 Truth silliness, check out this article. There are also some excellent videos on YouTube which debunk the whole shebang. Sadly, an increasing number of people who can hardly be described as the usual suspects are apparently being hoodwinked by the 9/11 crowd including Ellen Brown, author of Web Of Debt. Details of the meeting and related activities can be found on the Reinvestigate 9/11 website, with a very big caveat emptor.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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