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article imageOp-Ed: Israel, its influence, and war with Iran

By Lynn Herrmann     Feb 11, 2012 in Politics
Washington - As the Iranian Rial begins suffering from new sanctions put in place by the international community, Israel continues its battle cry for “blood and money,” ratcheting its hyperbole and insecurity to new levels with each passing week.
“Dealing with a nuclearized Iran will be far more complex, far more dangerous and far more costly in blood and money than stopping it today,” Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said last week, according to NPR.
How about dealing with a nuclearized Israel, funded by U.S. taxpayer dollars? An undeclared nuclearized Israel and a non-participant to any nuclear treaties, at that? With Israeli and U.S. governments claiming Iran wants to build a nuclear weapon, the discussion has never involved how many nuclear weapons are currently located in Israel. Nor why such a small country would need such a large inventory of them.
Another question the mainstream media won’t ask, since when does Israel, being one of the single largest recipients of those aforementioned taxpayer dollars, care about “money?”
But that would take us into the discussion of Israeli influence in mainstream media, the U.S. government, and Hollywood, of all places. The perps are everywhere, and we’ve no time for that, nor the desire to believe any of it.
Recent headlines in the U.S. say it all, and alone, are worth an entire article on Digital Journal, certainly warranting a chuckle or two. Take the Associated Press for example: ‘Dwindling Time, Rising Tension Make Iran Top Fear.’ Then there’s the Washington Post asking, 'Is Israel preparing to attack Iran?’ Not to be outdone, the New York Times claims ‘U.N. Nuclear Inspectors’ Visit to Iran Is a Failure, West Says.
The absurdity of it all. A computer virus, assassinations of Iranian scientists. Rising gas prices in America, based on speculation. Yet we’re in discussions about going to war?
As Israel has previously shown, in 1981 against Iraq, and in 2007 against Syria, destroying nuclear facilities in nearby countries is nothing new for the tiny Jewish state. The difference this time is Iran has been forewarned. There will be no surprise attack.
With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being the most vocal war lord in the Middle East these days, his call for war extends across the globe, even to the frozen north.
Calling it a movie he’s seen before, Paul Heinbecker, Canada’s former ambassador to the United Nations, points out even the Canadian government is interested in promoting yet another altercation in the Middle East, noting Prime Minister Stephen’s comments that it is “beyond dispute” Iran is pursuing “the development of nuclear weapons” and the oil-rich nation would have “no hesitation” in using such weapons, the Globe and Mail reports.
Then there is the small matter of the Obama administration reportedly wanting to steer clear of an Israeli-Iranian conflict. Too late. Unless, of course, we demand Israel return the billions and billions of those U.S. taxpayer dollars it has so openly accepted over the years.
Another piece to the U.S.-Iran-Israel cat-and-mouse game is China, a major customer of Iranian oil. Any decision to attack Iran will likely include a serious consideration of China and its influence on the U.S. import business, say WalMart for starters.
With their veto power, China and Russia are key players on the UN Security Council and as their recent votes on the Syrian affair show, would likely be a team on any international action against Iran.
Both countries were among the first to inspect the U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel drone captured by Iran, in Iranian airspace, in early December.
As the Center For Strategic & International Studies notes, China and Russia are playing a delicate balancing act in dealing with the Iranian situation, advancing their own agendas while “minimizing the diplomatic costs of double-dealing” with the U.S., Europe and Arab Gulf states.
As China leans toward Iran, say oil, and as Russia has previously tried improving its relations with the West, it should be noted the Russian government is currently in discussions over its S-3000PMU-1 air defense system with Iran, say U.S. drone technology.
Regardless, should a war begin with Iran and if your portfolio includes stock in weapons manufacturing, you’ll likely be in good shape as the world goes to hell.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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