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article imageNamibia: Tempers flare at town meeting over donkey meat delicacy

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 11, 2012 in Odd News
Rehoboth - Organizers of a community meeting in Rehoboth, Namibia, who tried to encourage attendance at the meeting with a promise to serve free barbecued donkey meat, faced a protest walk-out when they failed to fulfill their promise.
According to a New Era report on, people flocked enthusiastically to the meeting allegedly called to discuss strategies for ousting the city's mayor Bartolmeus "Pietertjie" Peters, in anticipation of free tasty donkey meat which is considered a delicacy in the Rehoboth area.
New Era reports the organizers of the meeting did honestly attempt to fulfill their promise, but when they got to the donkey market, they found only female donkeys which, apparently, were not considered acceptable alternative to the meat from male donkeys. They were thus forced to remove free donkey meat from the programme.
A woman transports her goods on a donkey on Mount Elgon slopes in Kapchorwa  eastern Uganda on Octob...
A woman transports her goods on a donkey on Mount Elgon slopes in Kapchorwa, eastern Uganda on October 20, 2010. Transportation is a problem in the area which has poor roads.
But the crowd that flocked to the meeting did not take kindly to the unexpected removal of the major item on the meeting agenda. The crowd became angry and decided to spite the meeting organizers by moving en masse to a meeting only 500 yards away organized by the main rival group where free refreshments and entertainment were provided. According to a witness who spoke to New Era, "The highly publicised and anticipated community meeting failed to get off the ground in the southern town when the organisers were unsuccessful in their endeavour to deliver free donkey meat as promised." A witness Romorio Beukes, said: "These guys took us for a ride. It's simple: no donkey meat, no meeting."
According to New Era, Namibians in the Rehoboth area prefer donkey meat to beef because it is said to be cholesterol-free and tastier than beef.
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