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article imageKim Jong Un: Is he dead or Undead?

By Bill Schmalfeldt     Feb 10, 2012 in World
Beijing - Many horrors! China microblog translate poorly English into. Say Beloved Successor of Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea Kim Jong Un dead from dying after assassin kill. No verification. Checking.
OK, let's not get all "Debbie Spenditnow" here... but the Chinese microblogging community is all agog over rumors about the alleged assassination of Kim Jong-un, the recently installed latest "Dear Leader" of North Korea, a promotion occasioned by the convenient death of long-time dictator Kim Jong-il, who became dictator of that reclusive nation after the convenient death of his father and the nation's founder, Kim Il-sung.
Google Translate doesn't do that good of a job with Chinese, but let's see what they're saying on the microblog. (Note, as Dave Barry is famous for saying, "I am not making this up.")
Well, it seems first I have to log in.
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OK, I figured out how to register.
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I'm in. Let's see...
OK... had to verify my e-mail.
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I'm in!
OK. Apparently I have to do a search.
"Kim Jong-un" - we found 32
Let's see who's saying what...
Someone identified as The outer world of Mars Penguin shares this.
China Times : go to the embassy on the road towards the X, the latest news will be released by the Chongqing press office microblogging, please pay attention to the microblogging as early as one second to change into Phoenix! / / @ fat Fang Hongwei : North Korea a major event ~ jinzhengen and national TV stations have Park Colonel
Then, there's a blockquote that says...
After reading the latest news to the pot washed Shenyang Military Region, today is not what action? Plane took off for dozens of vehicles! @ Guangzhou retirement a police inspector Tan tree survivor : Reliable sources: North Korea a major event! Sino-Korean border, the army build-up! @ Chen Chen entertainment nest : the latest news, the vehicles of the Korean Embassy in China surge in the number of times, from the initial 78 vehicles, up to now has been flooded with the embassy, ​​some more than 80 vehicles, North Korea is certainly a big blow. . .
Gracious! What else?
"Minus 8 Degrees of Ice" shares...
@ Bari Commentary : # live # bustling among Korea, the friends did not forget the "old friend": jinzhengen was assassinated and killed at 2:45 on the 10th. A slip of the circle of Korean media and foreign media, no relevant reports, should not the real news. February 16 Kim Jong-il 70-year-old birthday "Light Star Festival", the DPRK embassy some "changes" is not surprising. The recent news is that the Korean Central News Agency reported that on the 8th jinzhengen inspection of 324 troops.
That link takes you to the South Korean Yonhap News Agency, which doesn't say a word about Kim Jong-un going belly-up.
Someone called "ByeJeff Peak Dance Wine Days" says:
North Korea may be a military coup] North Korean official media for four consecutive days supreme leader jinzhengen, any news reports, rumors of little-known middle-ranking officers Park Bend Colonel has been in control of the situation, and has occupied the station.
JinZhengen seems to be Chinese for Kim Jong-un. See? We learned something new.
This seems to be the latest poop.
Phoenix Video: microblogging hot] Korea councils dynamic has suddenly become the hot microblogging. According to various sources, the current situation of North Korean leader jinzhengen and vehicles in and out of the Korean Embassy, there is no official news. A proven News @ Phoenix video publishing the first time, please pay attention!
Okey doke.
Let's check the western media and see what's what.
The Atlantic Magazine looked into the rumor and concluded:
Is it possible that Kim's death really happened? Of course it is. This is North Korea; anything is possible. Is it credible? As of this moment, no. I and some Atlantic and Atlantic Wire colleagues tried to find the slightest suggestion of truth, or even the possibility of truth, and found nothing. With evidence so thin and so many reasons to believe that the story is nonsense, why have American readers and writers taken it so seriously? What has led -- is still leading -- so many people to not just believe this rumor but pass it on?
Well, when in doubt, go to the source. In this case, the official news agency of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the same agency that waited 51 hours to inform the world of Kim Jong-il's heart attack and death.
Here's the top news... in Korean.
최영림총리 북창화력발전련합기업소 현지료해
(평양 2월 9일발 조선중앙통신)최영림총리는 9일 나라의 전력생산에서 중요한 몫을 맡고있는 대동력기지 북창화력발전련합기업소의 전력생산실태를 현지에서 료해하였다.
총리는 위대한 김정일장군님의 유훈과 조선로동당 중앙위원회 정치국 결정서,당중앙위원회,당중앙군사위원회 공동구호,올해공동사설에 제시된 전투적과업을 관철하기 위하여 발전설비들에 대한 기술관리를 짜고들고 그 효률을 최대한으로 높이기 위한 투쟁을 힘차게 벌리고있는 기업소의 여러곳을 돌아보았다.
현지에서 관계부문일군협의회가 진행되였다.
협의회에서는 전력생산을 높은 수준에서 정상화할데 대한 위대한 장군님의 유훈을 결사관철하는데서 미분탄생산을 늘이고 석탄품질감독사업을 개선하며 설비관리,기술관리에서 기술규정과 표준조작법의 요구를 철저히 지키는것이 가지는 중요성이 강조되였다.
또한 내각을 비롯한 련관단위들에서 석탄공업부문에 대한 사회적관심을 높여 적극 도와주고 수송조직과 지휘를 짜고들어 탄광들에서 캐낸 석탄을 집중적으로 수송하며 발전기보수 및 륜전기재가동에 필요한 자재,연유를 계획화하여 원만히 보장하기 위한 대책이 강구되였다.(끝)
Goodness. That looks sinister. What's the translation?
Minister Lim hyeonjiryohae bukchanghwaryeokbaljeonryeonhapgieopso
(February 09, Pyongyang KCNA) on the 9th Prime Minister Lim important share of the country's electricity generation power station in charge of Greater bukchanghwaryeokbaljeonryeonhapgieopsoui ryohaehayeotda in local power generation status.
Prime Minister last wish of the great Kim Jong Il and the Workers' Party of Korea Central Committee Politburo Decision, the Central Committee, the Central Military Commission joint relief, joint editorial this year to fight the proposed power plant ever to carry through the task of putting together a technology management holding its hyoryul struggle mightily to raise as much as possible apart, looked back at various points in the enterprise.
Sector workers in the relationship between the local council was held.
Council the power production at a high level normalization halde the Great General's last wish to lodge gwancheol the vast differential birth acid stretch and Coal Quality Supervision and improve your business and facilities management, technology management from the technical regulations and standards, manning needs thoroughly to ensure that the importance of two was being emphasized.
In addition, the Cabinet, including the industrial sector coal ryeongwandanwideuleseo increasing social concern about the active transport help for putting together the organization and conduct intensive coal mined from coal and generator maintenance and transportation of materials required ryunjeongijaegadonge, reason, plan and develop measures to ensure hwahayeo be amicably was.
Well, then. I guess everything's OK.
Unless of course, it isn't.
The rumor is still a hot topic, trending on Twitter under the hashtag #KimJongUn.
Wouldn't that be something if the little cartoon I animated 24 hours ago turned out to be true?
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