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article imageOp-Ed: Revealing video shows mishandling of death row dog in Nashville

By Ernest Dempsey     Feb 10, 2012 in Odd News
Nashville - After news stories drew renewed attention to her case, a revealing video seems to be corroborating the opinion that pit bull Prada has been sentenced to execution because of breedist vengeance by the animal control staff in Nashville, Tennessee.
The video has been posted on WKRN and it shows a bulky cleaner opening the cage door of Prada, the pit bull that has been in captivity for a year and sentenced to euthanasia by a local court, leading to the dog’s rushing out and attacking another dog tied there in front of the cage. The cleaner is showing kicking and punching the dogs to separate them.
Though a short clip, this video has revealed important details of the treatment and condition of dogs kept at the Metro Animal Control in Nashville, TN. As noted by Jean Harrison, attorney to Prada’s owner Nicole Andree, this proves the staff is not trained in handling situations involving dog fight. In fact, kicking and punching a dog in fight can make it more aggressive and angry.
This mishandling, however, only follows the neglect and carelessness of the animal control. If Prada was indeed dangerous, as she was caged for, why was there a dog held in front of her cage while the worker opened the cage door as if nothing was there to worry about? A dog abused and separated from her owner and thrown in a cage is emotionally stressed enough to rush on anyone when set free carelessly.
What is worse is that the attacked dog was put down by the same control facility where it was allegedly bitten by Prada, though the video doesn’t show any actual biting due to its resolution and the dogs are seen wagging their tails after they are separated as if they were perfectly fine. Now why would the facility kill the attacked dog instead of getting it treated? To explain, or cover, this, the control staff seems to have contrived a naïve excuse: that Prada supposedly has blastomycosis, a rare fungal disease.
This pretext is so obtrusively deceptive for, again, a number of reasons. First, as the attorney talks about it in the video, it is an air-borne disease not communicated by a dog bite. Secondly, if Prada had this disease, was she being treated for it? Saying “probably has the disease” is thousands of light years away from an actual diagnosis. And if even if Prada was suspected of having the disease, why was a dog tied in front of her cage while a careless worker lets her rush out? Then, why was the attacked dog killed without confirming whether Prada or the other dog had the disease?
Prada’s story reveals that she has been horribly abused by authorities and other people and the animal control has labeled her ‘vicious’ only because of her breed. Now, after this video, there is verifiable evidence that the animal control staff wants Prada dead not only because of breedism but also to cover their own neglect and abuse of this innocent dog that is healthy, has been wrongly treated and tortured, and unfairly sentenced to death.
Prada’s supporters are gathering signatures on an online petition to save her life from falling prey to the breed specific legislation that has already claimed thousands of pit bull lives and is still raging unleashed. Prada’s case is yet another test of justice and sense against the bias that has been the cause of suffering. Will Prada live and be a loving, helpful presence like the rest of her breed? We’ll know soon as the owner means to appeal the euthanasia sentence of her. And we keep our fingers crossed for her life.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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