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article imageVideo: Girl with strange addiction can't stop eating plastics

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 10, 2012 in Internet
Sacramento - An 18-year-old girl from Sacramento, California, has a strange addiction — eating plastics. According to Kailyn, she has eaten over 60,000 plastic items in the past 11 years.
Kailyn appeared on TLC's new show, My Strange Addiction, and spoke of her strange addiction to eating plastic items.
Kailyn is shown on video eating a variety of plastics. She says, "I have eaten 12 remotes, over 5,000 beads, over 1,000 cocktail swords, 100 forks, about ten water bottles, two pacifiers, three CD cases, about 50 hangers, about 25 plastic lids on to-go cups...Plastic is something I want and I feel like I need."
Kailyn has eaten a plastic item everyday since she was eight years old. Her favourite snack are cocktail swords for drinks. She also loves television remote controls, but those are in short supply. Kailyn explains how she feeds on TV remote controls: "I'll take a button off, and I'll put it on each side of my mouth, then I swallow it."
But cocktail swords are her staple. She's got an inexhaustible supply at the restaurant where she works. Kailyn said: "Working at the restaurant, I come into constant contact with plastic cocktail swords.On a normal, non-stressful day, I will eat my way through 15 whole swords before leaving work."
When asked why she loves eating plastic, she says: "It's the way it crunches and feels and it has a rough but at the same time smooth texture to it."
What about the health effects of eating plastics? Kailyn admits she might be harming herself, but addictions, we all know, don't yield to the risk of negative health effects. kailyn says: "The fact that I am eating this much in a week is huge."
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