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article imageSecond grader fights off would-be kidnapper at Walmart

By Leigh Goessl     Feb 10, 2012 in Crime
Bremen - A second grader bravely fought off her would-be kidnapper in the toy aisle of a Georgia Walmart store on Wednesday.
The suspected man was caught on surveillance and later brought into custody.
Remembering what her parents and school had taught her about stranger-danger helped 7-year-old Brittney Baxter escape from the man who tried to abduct her from the Bremen, Ga. Walmart store.
ABC News 15 reported the man grabbed Brittney and attempted to put his hand over her mouth as he tried to pull the girl out of the store. Her mother was in a nearby aisle picking up some groceries.
"I just said, 'I'm going to see what my momma is doing,' and he just grabbed me and picked me up," Brittney said. "Yeah, I was just like trying to do like this and kick as hard as I can."
The video footage shows the young girl standing in the toy aisle when a man picks her off the floor and proceeds to try and run while carrying her.
As the second grader fought back, the man dropped her and ran out of the store. The whole incident was caught on Walmart's surveillance video, including the getaway car. Police wasted no time pursuing and catching the man believed to be the one who tried to abduct Brittney.
"She was like, 'Mommy, somebody tried to get me. It terrified me," Georgeann Baxter said, reported the Herald Sun.
The alleged suspect in the attempted kidnapping has a previous criminal record. WSB TV reported the man served jail time and his confession was part of a plea deal. He served four years of a seven-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter, and was released from state prison in Oct. 2011 and placed on probation.
On Wed., police charged 25-year-old Thomas Woods with attempted kidnapping. Woods denies having anything to do with the abduction attempt and says he wasn't even in the store. At this time he is in the Haralson County Jail without bond.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Bremen Police Chief Keith Pesnell said, "We're pretty confident we've got the right guy."
Pesnell said Brittney was a hero. "I feel this story could have went another way if she hadn't done what she was taught to do," he said.
"Punch, kick and scream as hard as you can, and then tell somebody that you trust," Brittney told CNN's Headline News.
Last month Digital Journal reported a 9-year-old in Colorado escaped her captor and called 911 after the abductor's car broke down and they'd been given a ride to a local convenience store.
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