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article imageVideo of woman getting hugged by penguin at SeaWorld goes viral

By Leigh Goessl     Feb 8, 2012 in Internet
San Antonio - A video of a penguin caught on camera in an embrace with a woman is going viral on YouTube.
The woman and penguin met at Sea World.
The video was uploaded on Feb. 5 by YouTube user 1abaris1, and already has over 185,000 page views with numerous pages of comments. It's a short clip, but one that shows a woman happily receiving and giving hugs to a King Penguin.
1abaris1 writes in the video's description, "I took Jamie to see the penguins at Sea World for her birthday present, and this little interaction with a King penguin happened! His name is Johnny Five and he has been looking for a mate, so here he is being extra affectionate with Jamie!"
Jamie is the cameraman's wife who happens to love penguins.
Jamie appears to be laughing and crying as she and the penguin get cozy. As the penguin snuggles in, Jamie affectionately strokes and pets the penguin, and the penguin seems to be eating this attention up.
Many viewers have been commenting on this video, there are over a dozen pages of comments on YouTube at the time of writing. The video also picked up a lot of attention on Reddit. In the comments section the man explained in more detail how his wife and the penguin came to meet.
The introduction took place at Sea World in San Antonio, Tex. Jamie was able to meet the penguins through a ticket her husband purchased for the Penguin Interaction Program. On the hour long tour, the duo spent a good part of it inside the enclosure with the penguins and were given the opportunity to also feed the penguins fish.
In response to one Reddit user who commented how happy Jamie looked, her husband said, replied, "She was! She said "best birthday present ever!" I think the fact that the penguin actually put his flippers around her like a hug kinda shocked her... she said before we went that all she wanted to do was hug a penguin!" states the King Penguin, in its natural environment, has very little human interaction. Penguin Science says, "Penguins have no land predators, so are not afraid of us, but still they will not let us get too close. The best thing is to sit still and let them come up to you. They are very curious."
From the looks of it, Johnny Five was definitely curious, and huggable.
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