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20-year-old bride divorces 80-year-old groom after one hour

By Katerina Nikolas     Feb 8, 2012 in Odd News
A 20-year-old Asian bride has divorced her 80-year-old bridegroom after just one hour of marriage. Refusing to disclose the reason for her change of heart, the bride hot footed it back to the judge who married them after one hour alone with the old man.
In what could be one of shortest marriages on record an 80-year-old groom was divorced by his bride of just one hour. The court in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah was reportedly amused when the 20-year-old bride changed her mind after spending only one hour with her new octogenarian bridegroom.
Emirates 247 reported that the judge was reluctant to marry the couple when they first appeared before him, as the young Asian woman lacked an accompanying guardian. However, when she returned to the court in pursuit of a speedy divorce, she requested that the same judge that had married them should officiate at the divorce.
The bride gave no explanation for her sudden change of heart but it is unlikely she was after his money as she dutifully returned the dowry he had paid.
Another very short marriage in the Gulf was also reported by Emirates 247 in October when a Saudi man divorced his new bride of just 12 hours. He was allegedly conned into believing he was marrying a beautiful woman he had seen, but received a shock when his new bride removed her veil and proved to be the less attractive sister of the woman he had believed he had married.
Nothing quite compares to the bizarre divorce tale which also emanates from Saudi Arabia. Oddee com reported that a Saudi husband was divorced by his wife when his curiosity overcame him. After 30-years of marriage the Saudi man dared to lift his wife's veil as she slept, determined to see what she actually looked like. His wife was so outraged by his forward behaviour that she promptly demanded a divorce, even though her contrite husband promised to never peek again.
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