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article imageArtist Antoni Tàpies has died

By Tim Sandle     Feb 7, 2012 in Entertainment
Barcelona - The acclaimed Spanish artist Antoni Tàpies has died aged 88. Tàpies was known for his surrealist paintings and sculptures.
The BBC have reported that the artist Antoni Tàpies has passed away in his native Catalonia (in the northeast of Spain). The artist was talented in both the medium of painting (which was often surrealist) and for sculpturing (where his works often featured everyday materials).
With his sculptures, ARAS describes the works as assembled from “adopted bits of detritus, earth, and stone—mediums that evoke solidity and mass—in his large-scale works”. Later he began incorporating real objects, such as buckets, mirrors, and silk stockings into his pieces. The Huffington Post notes that the term 'materico,' was applied to his works, which means that they were “composed of physical and even vulgar objects but transcended by a deeper spiritual meaning”.
In many ways his art reflected his life. In one interview, for the UNESCO Courier, Tàpies said:
“I would say off the cuff that I am an anxious person. I worry about everything. I need to know everything. I tend to live in a state of anxiety with the feeling that life is some kind of great catastrophe. I feel the desire, or rather the intense need, to do something useful for society, and that is what stimulates me. In every situation I always look for what is positive and beneficial for my fellow citizens. I am interested in study, reflection, philosophy — but always as a dilettante. I also consider myself a dilettante as a painter.”
The Spanish language newspaper El Mundo summarises his biography: Taipes was born in 1923 as Antoni Tàpies i Puig, and became, in 2010, the 1st Marquess of Tàpies (an heredity title awarded by the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I). After World War II, Tàpies helped co-found the first Post-War Movement in Spain known as Dau al Set which was connected to the Surrealist and Dadaist Movements. Dau al Set translates as the Seven-Spotted Dice and the group additionally included the painters Modesto Cuixart, Joan Ponç, and Joan José Tharrats.
In 1990 the Tàpies Foundation, which houses some 2,000 works by the artist, opened in Barcelona. However, in recently years his work rate slowed and Tapies had been in poor health for some years (which may have dated back to early childhood illnesses).
A selection of Tapies’ work can be viewed on the website ArtNet.
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