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Video: Yet again, racist woman abuses London Tube passengers

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 7, 2012 in World
London - British police, yet again, have to investigate video of a woman on London Tube subjecting "foreigners" to racist abuse. This follows a series of similar recorded incidents of white British women indulging in racist tirade on London Tube.
The video, in two parts, uploaded on YouTube, shows an apparently drunk white British woman, sitting between two half-amused Pakistani men, speaking with a heavy cockney accent. She gives the Asians an extended lecture filled with racist expletives on a Central Line train between St. Paul's and Mile End stations.
In the video believed to have been filmed on January 23, the woman's drunken tirade interspersed generously with "f******" continues for seven minutes. She wonders where all the "foreigners" come from with a look of disgust on her face: "Where do you come from? F****** like, f****** all over the world."
Her cockney accent is so thick that a "foreigner" unfamiliar with cockney phonetics would strain to follow her speech.
She seems particularly concerned about the origin of the Asians. She says: "I'd like to know if any of you are f****** illegal, I'm sure 30 per cent of you are. It's taking the f****** p***." She turned to the Pakistani man sitting next to her: '" hope they f****** catch up with you and shove you off...I shall punch you in the f****** face. Ninety per cent of you are f****** illegal. I wouldn't mind if you loved our country."
The Pakistani man she addresses sings a song in his native language while other passengers laugh at his comic manners. Then she notices the man sitting opposite her filming her. The man warns her, "Watch what you say." She answers: "I used to live in England now I live in the United Nations."
She gets more physically aggressive soon after and even tries to attack the man. She screams: "As long as you're f****** working, and not claiming benefits."
The second part of the video shows her saying to a "foreigner," "This is what we've got to put up with... that's what we don't like about you people. I'll show you what kind of government lets people like you in."
TNT reports that the Police have responded to the incident. A police spokesman said: "BTP is aware of the videos posted on YouTube which show a woman making alleged racist comments on board a Central Line Tube train between St Paul’s and Mile End stations during the evening of Sunday, 23. Detectives were made aware of the videos on January 24 and immediately launched an investigation. Anyone who witnessed this incident, or who has information which they believe can assist police, is asked to get in touch and help us build up a full picture of what took place."
The police spokesman, according to The Sun, adds: "BTP treats all allegations of racism on the London Underground very seriously and would urge anyone with information about this incident to contact us."
The recent pattern of apparently drunk white British women launching in racist tirade on public transport has raised questions. People are wondering whether this is a new trend or merely on old pattern that is now only being captured with the facility of mobile phones and YouTube.
The incidents are believed to reflect the growing concern among "native British" about immigration.
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