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article image2,697-year jail sentence sought for Concordia Captain Schettino

By Marcus Hondro     Feb 6, 2012 in World
Disgraced Captain Francesco Schettino found out Tuesday he won't wait in jail for the beginning of his trial in the sinking of the Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia. Meanwhile, prosecutors are seeking a sentence that could amount to 2,697 years.
Schettino was placed upon house arrest in the days following the Jan. 13 disaster, when he went too close to the Italian island of Giglio in the Tuscan Bay and wrecked upon the rocks of the island. To date, 17 bodies have been recovered and another 17 bodies have not been recovered (some reports say 15; no reason given for the discrepancy). There were 4,200 passengers and crew aboard the ship.
According to the company that operates the Concordia, Costa Cruises, the maneuvers made by the captain were not approved and dangerous. Further, they insist Schettino turned toward Giglio to make a pass close-by the Island without their having knowledge he was going to do so. Italian prosecutors had asked for Schettino to be jailed awaiting his trial, while Schettino's lawyers had asked for complete freedom.
Italian prosecutors: 8 years for each death
Chicken of the sea: Captain Francesco Schettino of the grounded Costa Concordia cruise ship featured...
Chicken of the sea: Captain Francesco Schettino of the grounded Costa Concordia cruise ship featured on the cover of New York Post
New York Post
Those prosecutors have charged Schettino, confined to his home near Naples, with causing a shipwreck, abandoning his ship and multiple counts of manslaughter. He is alleged to have abandoned the ship and was rowed to the safety of Giglio while there was still 300 passengers and crew aboard the Costa Concordia.
Prosecutors seek 8 years for each of the 300 left behind and are asking for 10 years for causing a disaster, 15 years for multiple manslaughter and another 8 years each for the 34 who died in the shipwreck. That comes to 2,697 years, to be served consecutively.
The prosecutors said they feared Schettino may flee if not imprisoned before his trial, pointing to his fleeing the ship as prior behaviour that suggests he will seek to escape justice. No date has been set for the beginning of the trial.
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