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article imageOp-Ed: More murders on the way in Britain's leading soaps

By Alexander Baron     Feb 5, 2012 in Entertainment
Karma is set to catch up with Frank Foster, the rapist in a business suit, while the harmless Heather is about to bow out in bloody style. Life is unfair, so is fantasy.
Indeed, fantasy is the operative word for Britain's soap operas. Between murders, rapes and the occasional tram crash, Coronation Street must be about the most dangerous place to live in Britain, although EastEnders and Albert Square must be in the running, certainly after the evil Dr Khan nearly burned it to the ground at Christmas - now there's a thought.
Last week in the former, Frank Foster was acquitted by a jury of the rape of his former business partner and wife-to-be, Carla Connor. Although he was as guilty as sin, one can hardly blame the jury for giving him the benefit of the doubt, or siding with him entirely, as the defence was able to paint Carla as cold, calculating, scheming, duplicitous and untrusthworthy, which she was, but as the Talmud says, it is the punishment of a liar that he is not believed when he speaks the truth.
The Talmud also has strong words for homosexuality, but it is not his attraction to other boys that is Ben Mitchell's main problem at the moment. Far from being gay, this is a teen who is angry at the world, and after framing his own father for a murder that never happened, he is about to go completely off the rails and commit one himself. The death of launderette lady Heather Trott has been widely leaked to the entertainment media, but there is always a possibility it may not go ahead, and the big soaps have been known to film alternative endings to these sort of plots.
It remains to be seen why Heather is being given the chop though; it is difficult to imagine her having an argument with anyone, much less one that ends with blood on the Square, and queen of sluts Bianca would be a much better and far more deserving victim.
Talking of victims, another young denizen of the mythical Walford, Tamwar, is having trouble coming to terms with what he sees as a betrayal by his wife, the daughter of the aforementioned Dr Khan. Not that sort of betrayal, but in his eyes, she is responsible for the way the late doctor treated his mother, whom he had recently married for the second time. Complicated, ain't it?
The murder of Heather Trott is scheduled to air soon, the death of Frank Foster is apparently some way off yet, first he is to be revealed in all his splendour as the lowlife he is, but who will dispose of him? So far he has only two avowed enemies in Weatherfield, but given time he will certainly make more, which brings us to Emmerdale. This tiny hamlet - you can't really call it a village - has seen more than its fair share of murder in the past, but at the moment it is stuck with a rather mundane plot or two, namely a bit of nookie and a punch up in the local boozer, the latter scheduled for Tuesday. On past form though, things could heat up at any moment, especially if the show slips down the ratings.
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