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article imageOcean preservation ad gets 30-second spot in pre-game Super Bowl

By Elizabeth Batt     Feb 3, 2012 in Environment
Silver Spring - Ocean conservation group SeaWeb, has teamed up with NBC Bay Area, part of the NBC-owned Television Station Group, to air a 30-second powerful ad depicting the dangers of ocean destruction during the local broadcast of the Super Bowl pre-game show.
The ad said SeaWeb, produced by world-renowned film maker Bob Talbot, "is designed to shock and awe viewers by not even saying a word", and is part of a broader campaign running on the NBC Bay Area and SeaWeb web sites and through various social media channels.
Yesterday, SeaWeb Board member Dr. Jennifer Scott, promised the spot would have "no words, but a powerful message." One, she said, that would hopefully inspire people to connect with this life-giving resource and to take greater responsibility for ocean health.
The ad is "choreographed to lead with some of the most stunning images imaginable", explains SeaWeb, "and is paired with striking music followed by a dramatic cut to black. Several seconds of darkness and silence leave the viewer wondering why, and spark them to think about what they have lost."
Dawn M. Martin, SeaWeb President added, "our society is overwhelmed by noise and quiet time is hard to find. For just a few seconds we gave the gift of silence and took away their TV screens and their connection to the Super Bowl -- much like the health and the vitality of the ocean is being taken away from our children and all of us".
The message explained Martin, will "remind viewers of what is at stake. People don't always appreciate what they have until it's gone", she said.
Producer of the slot, Bob Talbot, donated his skills and services to produce the commercial for SeaWeb that includes some of his own footage gathered with support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.
Talbot hopes, "the beauty and majesty of the sea speaks for itself [...] there's nothing to be said that hasn't been said before in regards to ocean conservation," he said, and yet still, "the ocean is declining at an alarming rate."
The producer adds that people need to realize "the ocean is critical to all life on earth—that if they do nothing, that's what soon will be left in the sea…nothing." Talbot goes on to say, "I hope people will react as strongly to the potential of an empty ocean as they do to a blank television screen."
According to the World Ocean Network (WON), an international association which comprises museums, aquaria, science centres, educational charities, institutions and non-governmental organizations, "80% of marine pollution comes from land-based sources", including, "6.5 million tons of litter", which enter the world’s ocean each year". Worse, added the Network, is the 200 oceanic ‘dead zones’, or "areas deprived of oxygen and devoid of life", which have "doubled every decade since 1960", said WON.
SeaWeb, an international, nonprofit organization, dedicated to using the science of communications to transform people's relationship with the ocean, hopes their powerful 30-second advertisement will urge people to care.
"Billions of people rely on the ocean on a daily basis for food, recreation, and jobs," SeaWeb explained, adding their ad will attempt "to make the plight of the oceans meaningful to an audience more concerned with touchdowns than sea turtles".
Viewers in the San Francisco Bay Area will be able to see the commercial live on Sunday, Feb. 05 at approximately 11:00 a.m. PST, during the pre-game show. It will then be available globally on and
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