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Toilet texting is becoming popular

By Tim O'Brien     Feb 1, 2012 in Lifestyle
We brush our teeth in there. We shower in there. We wash our hands in there. Well, we do many things in there.
Where is there?
There is the bathroom.
Now, a new study, and a different one for sure, suggests, we also do technical things in there.
Mainly, we text there. And there also means sitting on the toilet. That is correct, 11mark surveyed 1,000 Americans with mobile phones to learn what people are doing with their phones in the bathroom.
While reading the results, one may want to go and sit down first. Of those who took part in the survey, 63 percent report they have answered a phone call, and 41 percent have initiated a phone call, while 67 percent have read a text, and 38 percent have surfed the Internet. And, 75 percent of people said they have have texted, used apps, surfed or emailed while sitting on the toilet. Meanwhile, more than 90 percent of those between 28 and 35 will return a text or even a make a call while sitting.
"The writing is on the stall," said Nicole Burdette of 11mark, in reference to this study.
If you are Android user, you are the group most likely to be multitasking; Blackberry uses are the most likely to make a call and Facebook users are on an iPhone.
Many business needs are met as well as one in five men missed a conference call but decided to hop in while on the hopper.
Of the genders, men do it more with 30 percent versus 20 percent of women.
For those labels of age groups, it indicates that Gen Y are the heaviest users. Of that group, 91 percent use their phone in the bathroom. The older generation is not that far behind as 80 percent of Gen X say they use the phone in the bathroom. More results show 65 percent of Baby Boomers and 47 percent of the Silent Generation does so.
"This study confirms what we all know -- that the last private place is no longer private. And, that the 'mobile-everywhere' phenomenon is flushing out a host of new opportunities for savvy communicators," concludes Burdette.
Then there is the idea that 16 percent shop while sitting on the toilet. For what does one shop for at that time?
That is for another survey.
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