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article imageOp-Ed: US Intelligence chief warns Iran prepared to attack on US soil

By Katerina Nikolas     Feb 1, 2012 in World
A report by the U.S. National Intelligence Agency reveals there is no evidence that Iran is actively planning to attack America. An assessment of the report concludes that Iran may be willing to attack on American soil, in spite of the lack of evidence.
James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, reported to a Senate hearing on Tuesday, warning that Iran may now be willing to conduct attacks on American soil. However there has been no evidence of officials in Tehran actively plotting to conduct such attacks.
The Intelligence Agency's assessment of Iranian willingness to directly attack America is based on the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador. The L.A. Times reported that Clapper linked the purported plot to his statement "Some Iranian officials, probably including supreme leader Ali Khamenei, have changed their calculus and are now willing to conduct an attack in the United States." The much hyped Iranian plot against the Saudi Ambassador has been given little credibility, generally perceived to be a fake false-flag planted by U.S. officials drumming up anti-Iranian sentiment in preparedness for war against Iran. The precedent was set when war against Iraq was initiated over claims that it had weapons of mass destruction, in spite of no credible evidence. Claims of Iran developing nuclear power are now being used to set the stage for another unnecessary and destructive war over American oil interests.
According to VOA News Clapper told the Senate hearing that Iran could be telling the truth regarding its nuclear programme. He said "we do not believe they have made the decision to go ahead with a nuclear weapon."
Nevertheless the U.S. administration has made it a priority to ensure that Iran does not develop a nuclear weapon by imposing strict sanctions that have international reverberations. The theory behind the sanctions is to starve the Iranian administration of funds to develop its nuclear programme.
Such a move will patently fail as the Iranian people will be the ones to suffer economic hardship and shortages whilst Tehran will concentrate its resources on what it says is nuclear energy development, a position that thus far has not been disproved. Sanctions should be considered an act of aggression against Iran, but are likely to backfire as the populace considers them as such and focuses support on Tehran against its aggressors.
The American people are less likely to be as easily deceived by a false flag operation over Iran as they were over Iraq, but the administration may still choose to ride roughshod over a lack of public support for yet another war. In spite of noble peace prize winner Barack Obama's posturing that war against Iran is not his aim, it would be a convenient ploy in an election year if he can rouse patriotic fervour against Iran.
Iran is now the new bogey man which the U.S. administration needs to replace Osama bin-Laden in the nations consciousness. However the facts presented in the intelligence report do not give support the conclusion drawn from the facts.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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