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Baby yoga exercises ruled out as cause of death of infant

By Lesley Lanir     Jan 31, 2012 in Crime
Tel Aviv - Over a week ago, four month old twins were hospitalised; police suspected abuse due to multiple bruises. The baby boy subsequently died from his injuries. Reports suggested that baby yoga classes may have been the cause of the multiple contusions.
Israel's Ynet news reported that that the baby twins, a boy and girl, were admitted to the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer, Tel Aviv, with severe injuries.
The baby boy at that time was in critical condition and police officials were investigating the possibility of physical abuse by the parents who were suspected of shaking him and his twin sister. The police were also investigating other causes of the injuries to the babies.
On Sunday, 29 January, Ynet reported that two days after being announced brain dead, the 4-month-old twin baby boy was pronounced dead and the parents, in their mid thirties, may face manslaughter charges.
After the reaction to the announcement of the death of their baby son, the couple were hospitalised.
The baby girl, who suffered broken hands has been released from hospital and the mother's brother has been appointed her temporary guardian.
This morning, Israel's radio programme Galgalatz and news site Galatz announced that the mother is now under house arrest and has been issued with a restraining order to prevent her from leaving the country. The father is still being held in custody.
The Galatz report continues to say that the police are now looking into suspicions that the bruises and injuries in the two infants were caused by their participation in yoga classes for babies, which include exercises that involve swinging and rocking infants.
Throughout, the parents have declared their innocence and denied that they had ever abused or shaken their two young babies.
Controversial reports have been made recently regarding the practice of Yoga and its health benefits, one by The New York Times was named 'How yoga can wreck your body.'
However, Ynet reports on February 1 state that the autopsy concluded the boy died as a result of cranial fractures and therefore ruled out other claims by the parents, suggesting the death might have been caused by the side effect caused by a vaccination, careless baby-yoga exercises or a genetic disease.
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