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article imageOp-Ed: Uh-oh, someone's oppressing the white people again

By Bill Schmalfeldt     Jan 30, 2012 in Crime
Ocala - The American Thinker is outraged. Outraged, I tell you, over a brutal beating a poor, innocent girl received on a school bus. They demand to know why Attorney General Eric Holder isn't getting involved.
Here are the facts as presented by that shining bright beacon of justice and truth, the American Thinker.
Girl gets on bus. Shoe is thrown. Hits girl. She throws shoe back, hitting student. Fight ensues. Girl is injured by a gang of students. Hospitalized.
Horrible, of course. But not horrible enough, according to the American Thinker, a conservative rag that wants you to know just how bad it really was.
Aside from the brutality, there was another troubling fact about this crime -- a fact that predictably did not make it into the news: the attackers were black, and the victim was white. Yet, for the first few days after the attack, not a single news outlet reported on the race of the victim. Since the attack occurred, only one news item has even indirectly mentioned the victim's race. This can't be because the information was hard to come by. The Ocala Sheriff's Office responded to my inquiry about the victim's race within hours.
Aha! The liberal media is hiding the fact that this poor, innocent white girl was beaten into unconsciousness by a pack of angry, savage Black kids. It was more than "two against one" and you know what kind of "fun" that is if you hung around the same playgrounds we did when we were children.
The writer for American Thinker, John T. Bennett, apparently has the "Oppression of White People" beat for the ironically and in-aptly named "American Thinker." Here's a list of his past offerings for the publication.
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It's his job to make the poor, oppressed white people who read American Thinker (all three of them) righteously afraid of the hateful, brutal violence of which these savages are capable.
Bennett goes on in his story to excoriate the media for neglecting to stoke the racial fears of the oppressed white masses. It is not just a story about kids ganging up on and beating another kid, something that happens every day in middle schools around the country. As every parent knows, when a kid enters the middle school years and the puberty monster rears its ugly head, bad things tend to happen and our sweet little angels -- who just six months ago were sitting on our laps giggling at cartoons -- are now surly, uncommunicative strangers who lock their bedroom doors and hate the world and everything in it.
And to Bennett's credit, he does quote a reason the students gave for attacking the girl. He just chooses to bury it in his story:
When the girl got hit by the shoe...she threw it back at the kids she thought threw it at her.
Williams (one of the 14 year-olds charged in this fight) said that's when the victim uttered a racial slur, and several black students began beating her.
Well, obviously she was lying, right? Isn't that what "these people" do? Lie?
Williams has every reason to say that the victim uttered a racial slur, which is probably a "post hoc" rationalization and is certainly meant to minimize the moral blame we attach to the attackers. A "racial slur" is the best explanation to give, considering the fact that there is no possible way Williams and the other six attackers could claim self defense.
Now kids, this does not justify a fight in which a girl was beaten so badly she was hospitalized. But I'm guessing the next time this girl finds herself standing amongst a group of minorities whose ancestors have suffered at the hands of her ancestors, in a southern state, yet? She might refrain from uttering the "n-word" in anger at them.
Where I come from, and that's "Common Sense Land," one is ill-advised to stand in front of a group of any group of any ethnicity, of any sexual orientation, of any skin color, of any hair color (you stupid blonds!) and shout a word that the group deems as hateful to their specific group.
Daddy always said, if you shout the n-word in front of an African Americans, the k-word in front of a group of Jews, the s-word in front of a bunch of Latinos, etc., etc. and etc., you are likely to get a mud puddle stomped into you.
I'm not saying this little girl deserved to be beaten into unconsciousness by a gang of fellow middle school students. I'm just saying that if the poor, oppressed white folks at American Thinker want to tell the whole story, they should tell the whole story and not leave out the parts that mitigate the anger of the students who opened up the can of "ass-whup" on this unfortunate young lady.
But since the American Thinker decided the poor, oppressed white folks didn't really need to know that part of the story, which one can assume means the American Thinker didn't see how it might be important to the events that followed, and therefore the young student who was injured had every right to use that word as all white people do when referring to those violent African Americans Bennett loves writing about, all sorts of white, racist stains on the filthy tablecloth that is the Internet are beginning to spread the contagion of race hate sparked by the story.
Here's a sampling of websites that have picked up the Thinker's story and are running with it to prove white superiority:
NATION OF COWARDS -- standing against white genocide
NEWS SAXON -- (Some nice SS "death head" imagery on this site!)
So, congratulations, John T. Bennett of the American Thinker. You've earned your salary for the week by scouring the nation to find another story to justify the irrational fear of white conservatives that the big, brutal Black man is coming to get them, and their women.
Maybe you and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer could have coffee together, since she had that recent shock from the big scary Black man in the White House. You two have a lot in common.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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