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article imageMan makes a cash withdrawal from ATM, gets a mouse with his money

By Leigh Goessl     Jan 30, 2012 in Odd News
A man recently went to get some cash out of an ATM and got a surprise withdrawal.
After he pulled out his cash from the machine in Ersboda, located in northern Sweden, Gholam Hafezi didn't get a receipt, but did get much more than he'd anticipated
According to Swedish publication, Hafezi had made a 700 kronor ($104) withdrawal from his account and with his withdrawal came a mouse's tail.
At first Hafezi thought it was a shoelace, but then he realized it was a mouse tail and the rest of the body and head of the mouse was still struggling inside the machine.
“I pulled once more and then his tail came off,” said Hafezi, who rushed in to the customer help desk at the neighbouring Coop Forum grocery store for help, reported The Local, an English version of Swedish News.
Staff inside the store did not come to his aid as the ATM was not connected to the store. Staff working outside, however did assist and the group was able to get the mouse out of the cash machine.
“One of them pulled out the mouse, and its head was left intact, although it was a little bloody. Then I got out my receipt,” Hafezi said. Hafezi was not sure whether or not the mouse survived the ordeal.
Speculation is that the mouse must have slipped into the ATM when cash was being loaded. And it may be more common than you'd think. The Huffington Post reported (via a man in Saudi Arabia recently pulled a rodent out along with his cash, which the currency had been gnawed at. In that case the mouse ran away once freed from the machine.
This mouse claimed a more pricey residence when he took up house inside an ATM and chewed up the cash to make a nest.
ATMs seem like an odd place for mice to scurry into, but perhaps not as unusual as you'd think. Consider how flexible mice are and are able to squeeze in small places. Additionally, it is common to find mice and other small animals taking refuge in other types of machinery. In 2007 the New York Times reported that in New York City rats were found frequently nesting in cars, and woodchucks were taking up residence in tractors on farms.
Although where ATMs are concerned, you never know what you might withdraw, such as in the situation where a snake recently popped out of an ATM cash slot in Spain. The event was captured on video.
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