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article imageOp-Ed: Tim 'Tea Party' Thomas complicit in all-star game grilling

By Marcus Hondro     Jan 28, 2012 in Sports
While the other NHL players taking part in the all-star weekend get to focus on hockey and having fun at an event that is, after all, all about hockey and having fun, Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas cannot.
Reports at least have it that Thomas is keeping a lower profile at all-star weekend in Ottawa and doesn't appear to be as relaxed as his NHL brethren. That may be a matter of opinion but something that is not opinion is that, in the best tradition of Tea Party supporters, he blames the fallout from last week's snub of Barack Obama, and the traditional visit of the Stanley Cup champs to the White House, on the media.
"It's all media-driven right now," Thomas told reporters during the all-star media scrum about the controversy over his snub and political statement to justify it. "It has been from the start. And everything that I said and did was as an individual, not as a representative of the Boston Bruins."
The 37-year-old 2012 Stanley Cup Conn Smythe Trophy winner did not speculate as to how none of it would be occurring had he simply gone to the team event. He said that the choice to refuse to go was "separate from hockey" and yet he himself connected the two, and by choice.
Tim Thomas connects hockey and politics
He boycotted a function designed to celebrate his team, one that had the attention of the hockey world and beyond and then, unable to resist the large stage that his Tea Party meanderings would be on, he posted a political statement, thus connecting hockey to his politics. A statement from a hockey goalie that justified not going to a hockey event because of "Rights, Liberties and Property of the People" being threatened? Do you see how we've connected it all, Tim?
Didn't want all this to be following you around? Then why didn't you simply post "For personal reasons I cannot attend the team event. My teammates understand and I won't be taking any questions." Then find other, non-hockey opportunities to complain about your rights being threatened. Or hey, better yet, change your focus to team, grin and bear it, and go.
Yeah, the media will keep it going awhile longer and his refusal will never entirely be forgotten, by reporters or hockey fans. He is now Tim 'the Tea Party Goalie' Thomas and he will be from here on in. Is the nasty media driving it? We're making the observations, asking the questions and writing the stories, so perhaps we are driving it.
But let's not forget who gave us the keys.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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