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article imageOp-Ed: Lying your way to big-time book sales the Jan Brewer way

By Bill Schmalfeldt     Jan 27, 2012 in Politics
Phoenix - She felt "threatened." It was a "tense" situation. It helped her book sales. Yes, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is quite the little story teller.
It's basically the same story as told in D.W. Griffith's classic (and socially execrable) 1915 film, "Birth of a Nation." It played well with the conservative crowd. The story of the poor little blond white woman being threatened and harassed by the big bad Black man.
And just like "Birth of a Nation," Jan Brewer's story was largely fiction, if slightly less racist. Times were different in 1915. Well, except in the Governor's mansion it would seem.
But man, did it give her book sales a kick in the keester!
The slight, bleached-blond Governor of Arizona had a terrifying and "tense" moment when Barack Hussein Obama came after her with God knows what on his mind. She defended herself the best she could with the wag of a sharpened fingernail in his savage, brutal face -- his dull and stupid eyes leering at her, blazing with violent intent.
It was not a civil encounter. Except, of course, for the fact that the terrifying meeting on the tarmac at the Phoenix airport apparently did not happen the way she says it did.
If one recalls correctly, she said she was looking forward to sitting down and chatting with him during his visit to Arizona. Obama scowled at her and said that in her book, "Dances with Scorpions" (or something like that) she lied about what actually happened the last time they met. In her book, she took what Obama said was a cordial encounter and wrote that Obama lectured her like a schoolgirl and made her sit on his knee or some other such nonsense. Then he yelled at her and balled up his fists and...
Three Arizona officials were there on the tarmac to greet this giant brute of a man who calls himself the President. And now two of them are saying that the Governor's description of events just does not square with what actually happened.
Talking Points Memo describes Brewer's account of her harrowing encounter with... him.
In numerous TV and radio interviews since the meeting, Brewer has said the president was “tense to say the least” and took issue with a book she wrote last year. She said Obama walked away from her while she was in mid-sentence and even told one Phoenix television station she felt “a little bit threatened” by the encounter.
Despite Brewer's breathless recollection of her frightening moment with Obama, the mayors of the cities of Phoenix and Mesa -- one a Democrat, the other Republican -- said there was absolutely nothing tense about the encounter, and Obama did not walk away from Brewer in mid sentence. And there was certainly no reason for the poor little lady to feel threatened.
Greg Stanton is the Democratic mayor of Phoenix:
“He wasn’t tense at all,” Stanton said on Friday. “The guy’s a pro.”
Though Stanton declined to discuss exactly what the governor and president said to each other, he said Obama’s classic coolness was evident.
“He doesn’t get animated, but he looks you in the eye and tells you what he thinks,” Stanton said. “And I think that’s honestly what he did is he looked the governor in the eye and spoke and told her what he was really feeling.”
Stanton's description of the event matched that of Mesa's Republican mayor, Scott Smith, who was standing right next to Gov. Brewer during the frightening encounter.
“There was no sense that he was running to or from anything,” Smith told TPM. In fact, he said, the president stayed and had a pleasant conversation with Smith, who’s a Republican, and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, a Democrat.
It was “just the four of us,” Smith said. “Mayor Stanton and I had a decent talk with him.”
But even now, more than a day later, the official version being parroted by the talking heads on the cable media channels is Brewer's version of events, i.e., little blond woman threatened by hulking Black brute.
Brewer told her story on talk radio and to everyone with a TV camera and a microphone. And a conservative public eager to believe every bad thing uttered about their President, the more salacious, untrue, and possibly racist the better, rushed to the bookstore to buy her tear-stained tome.
On on Friday, the hardcover edition of Brewer’s book was ranked No. 5 on the website’s “Movers & Shakers” list, which ranks books that have seen the most gain in sales over the past 24 hours. As of 2:55 p.m., the book had seen a whopping 522 percent increase in sales in just one day.
For his part, the President is just blowing off the whole affair according to Politico.
“It’s always good publicity for a Republican if they’re in an argument with me,” he said.
No word yet if Brewer has arisen from the fainting couch she took to with a case of what Arizona doctors diagnosed as "the vapors."
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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