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Fans of Alcatraz TV show ditch official tours to seek secret room

By Leigh Goessl     Jan 27, 2012 in Odd News
San Francisco - For decades the Alcatraz prison has fascinated society, from its isolated location in the San Francisco Bay to its rich history and notorious inmates. However some visitors have found a new reason to be attracted to the legendary landmark.
Fans hyped up over the new "Alcatraz" TV show that debuted on Fox last week have been going on tours of the famous prison in order to search for a top secret control room purportedly underneath the prison.
Problem is there is no such room buried within the confines of the famous San Francisco prison. Officials say the secret room is a fictional area written into the script of the show.
Yet people are "infiltrating" tours in order to seek out the presumed room that the TV show refers to, and ditching the official tours in order to satisfy that curiosity.
National Parks Service (NPS) representative Alexandra Picavet told TMZ tourists have been sneaking off into areas of the buildings into areas closed to the public.
According to TMZ, officials from the National Parks Service (NPS) have now had to post signs reminding people to stick to the tour and not stray off the areas open to the public.
The posted sign reads: "The TV show Alcatraz is fictional, many areas it depicts are not real. Closed areas protect you, historic structures and nesting birds."
Officials are afraid visitors may venture off into areas that are not safe.
San Francisco's famed landmark attracts over a million visitors a year who ferry across the bay and go back in time to explore the several eras that lived Alcatraz.
Those eras included notorious and/or dangerous criminals including Al Capone, George "Machine-Gun" Kelly and Robert "Birdman of Alcatraz" Stroud.
Yet, while they are hoping, one place on the island it appears fans of the new TV show won't be exploring is a secret control room. As Pop Blend points out, "Obviously, given how long the prison has been closed for and when it was built, no such tech 2.0 space exists. " Alcatraz had closed its doors back in 1963.
However what visitors will see is the inside and outside of the prison, including the outer buildings, many of which are decay and weathering over time. They'll also get a sense for how life was for those who lived and worked in the prison, including a close look inside its cells. A worthy tour, but for the right reasons.
"Alcatraz" airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.
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