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article imageToddler in Israel bites off snake's head and survives

By Lesley Lanir     Jan 26, 2012 in Odd News
An encounter in a Northern Israeli town, between a toddler and a 35-inch snake actually ended up surprisingly in the snake's death.
Israel’s Ynet news reports that the 18-month-old’s mother from Shfaram in Northern Israel came into her son's room and found him chewing on the dead Asian Racer. (Hemorrhois Nummifer / coinmarked snake)
Ynet interviewed the family and neighbours. When the mother found the child she screamed. A neighbour came to her assistance and pulled the snake out of the boy’s mouth. The neighbour said that she couldn’t believe what she saw.
The grandfather of the toddler said that the little boy thought it was a game. He did not understand what he was doing.
Ynet also mentions that famous Israeli snake expert and catcher, Eli Cohen, said that the snake was about three years old and although looked similar to a viper it was not poisonous. He also mentioned that this type of snake usually chokes its prey and if it would have been bigger, the child could have been strangled.
However, Cohen carried on to say in his interview with Ynet that the child reacted as any toddler this age would - investigating new things by putting them in his mouth.
When asked how come a child so small could catch a snake, Cohen replied that it’s winter – snakes are usually hibernating and not active during this season; so its reactions would have been slowed down by the colder weather.
The toddler, was not injured, but was taken for tests at Rambam Hospital in Haifa and later released.
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