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article imageOp-Ed: DreamWorks gets interactive with ‘Real Steel’ second screen

By Sarah Gopaul     Jan 25, 2012 in Entertainment
Second Screen extends the film experience with interactive content that you control. Real Steel is the latest release to join the Second Screen collection, available on Blu-ray and DVD combo pack January 24, 2012.
Second screen is the newest innovation in Blu-ray technology that creates an interactive experience never before available from the comfort of your home. Having quietly introduced the application on the platinum release of Disney's Bambi last year, DreamWorks decided to make some noise about the bonus feature included on its latest home entertainment release, Real Steel.
To take advantage of second screen, all you need is a Blu-ray player and an iPad or computer with Flash - the application is compatible with Android tablets, but does not run at an optimal capacity. After accessing the program on your Internet-enabled device, follow the instructions to sync the two components and you're set. The movie links with the viewer's device through an audio cue, a manual sync or with a visual sync indicator.
The specially recorded audio commentary by director Shawn Levy guides audiences through the extra content being shown on the "second screen" while the film plays on your television screen. Discussions about sets are complemented by photos of the real locations; motion capture techniques that brought the robots to life are dissected into their multiple layers; and random trivia is illustrated through storyboards, photos, diagrams and more.
If you're able to connect your devices via a network connection, the experience is further enhanced by allowing viewers to suspend the film and branch off to additional bonus features; they then return and seamlessly continue watching the movie from the exact moment they left. Those using an iPad can also enjoy the exclusive “flick to screen” feature to transfer supplementary content to their TV screen for viewing.
In addition, all of the content is available to explore independent of the film. Beginning production at the same time as the film, countless artifacts are collected to generate extensive bonus content for this feature. A library of more than 1500 images, hours of video and interactive media such as 360-degree turnarounds of the robots, and more provides an inestimable cache of Real Steel facts and trivia. There are also seven featurettes exclusive to second screen, including in-depth looks at five of the robot fighters.
Finally, the special Canadian packaging boasts the home-grown star power of the director and several cast members (Dakota Goyo, Kevin Durand and Evangline Lilly), who attended the film's advance screening in Toronto in September along with Hugh Jackman.
You can try Real Steel second screen for free here. If you like what you see, Disney titles with second screen include: Bambi, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and TRON: Legacy.
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