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article imageAHA says sex is safe for most heart and stroke patients

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jan 25, 2012 in Health
The American Heart Association (AHA) says that patients with stable heart diseases, with no symptoms doing routine daily activities, can have sex with little risks. A Loyola University cardiologist has also said that sex is no more strenuous than golf .
According to Glenn Levine, lead author of the AHA report and professor of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, “Sexual activity is a major quality of life issue for men and women with cardiovascular disease and their partners. Unfortunately, discussions about sexual activity rarely take place in the clinical context.”
The AHA report included recommendations for safe sexual activity for heart disease patients. The report said: "Sexual counseling of cardiovascular disease patients and their partners is an important component of recovery; unfortunately, it is rarely provided."
The report gives detailed recommendations to help doctors and patients discuss sexual activity. It said it is safe for most cardiovascular patients to resume sex after evaluation by a health care professional. But for patients with severe disease accompanied by symptoms such as chest pain during minimal physical activity, sexual activity should not be resumed until the condition is stabilized. The association also said medications for erectile dysfunction are generally safe for men with stable cardiovascular disease.
According to the report, decreased sexual activity and function among heart patients is more often related to anxiety and depression. The report also noted that the rate of cardiovascular events during sexual activity, such as heart attacks and chest pain, is minuscule because sexual activity is usually for a short time.
"Sex no more strenuous than golf"
A cardiologist Dr. John Moran, with the Loyola University Health System also has good news for heart disease and stroke patients. He says in most cases, sexual activity is safe for patients with heart disease and stroke and it is no more strenuous than golf.
Science Daily reports Dr. John Moran's statement is in agreement with the American Heart Association(AHA), that in most cases cardiovascular patients can engage in sex safely.
According to News Wise, Moran said: "For a patient who has sex with a familiar partner in a familiar setting, sexual activity generally is safe and no more strenuous than golf."
According to Dr. Jose Biller, a specialist in stroke at the Loyola University, it is important for most patients with cardiovascular ailments to resume normal sexual activity after their condition has been stabilized by medical treatment. According to Biller, "Enhanced communication and post-stroke sexual education are paramount to a healthy, ongoing relationship."
A warning to cheating partners
The Wall Street Journal reports sex is the cause of less than one percent of all acute heart attacks. Autopsy studies suggest that only between 0.6 percent and 1.7 percent of sudden deaths are related to sexual activity. The Journal warns, however, that experts say cases of death during sexual activity is most common among men having “extramarital sexual activity, in most cases with a younger partner in an unfamiliar setting and/or after excessive food and alcohol consumption.”
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