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'Bath salts' banned in Nevada

By Tim Sandle     Jan 23, 2012 in Crime
Las Vegas - The state of Nevada has banned a series of street drugs called "bath salts", which have been linked to certain crimes and sometimes violent behaviors.
Interesting headline? The 'bath salts' in question are drugs, with street name of "bath salts" (schedule 1 drugs). The 'bath salts' in question have no connection with the pleasant-smelling salts used as a skin exfoliant or to soothe muscles whilst bathing
According to Fox News, the synthetic drugs known as "bath salts" are being banned in Nevada. The Nevada Pharmacy Board approved an emergency order Thursday that will make it illegal to make, sell or use the products.
Street names for the bath salts include Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave and Ocean Burst. They can cause heart palpitations, paranoia, and even violent acts. The drugs can mimic the effects of crystal methamphetamine, LSD, ecstasy or cocaine. The Nevada Appeal noted that Las Vegas Police recorded 72 cases in 2011 involving the six primary chemicals in the so-called bath salts.
North Las Vegas Police Sgt. Tim Bedwell is quoted by 8 News as saying about the people who take drugs like bath-salts: "They can be a danger to themselves. They can be a danger to others, and they can be a danger to the police officers that have to deal with them. In some cases, we're dealing with people here who are having a psychotic episode, or they're just going crazy."
In relation to the ban, Larry Pinson, Nevada Pharmacy Board (quoted in the Las Vegas Review), stated:.
"Everybody needs to know these compounds, the bath salts and the synthetic cannabinoids, there are literally tens maybe even hundreds of them, they just change the molecules around. We'll name one the crime labs can identify and they just alter the structure and move on."
Time will tell whether the ban is effective and if incidents in 2012 decrease.
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