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article imageSequel announced for controversial sex-ed video game

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jan 21, 2012 in Internet
London - The Middlesex-London Health Unit in Ontario, Canada is launching a sequel to its controversial online sex-ed game Adventures in Sex City, targeted at young people. The online game is conceived as a fun-way of promoting safe sex among young people.
The first version of the game featured such colorful superheroes as the unrepentant virgin, Wonder vag and a villain to match, the mischief-making Sperminator, whose arm is modified into a penis-shaped weapon (literally armed with a penis) with which he fires infected sperm at his favorite prey, Wonder Vag who, when hit with sperm, exclaims, "Arrghh, Right in the face!
The Health Unit invited young gamers to play as "one of...comic-book characters and battle against the dastardly Sperminator by answering questions about safe sex. Get them correct to activate your condom shield or risk being splattered by sperm."
According to spokeswoman Shaya Dinsa, "We hope a lot of young people visit our site and get useful information about sexual health while playing the game."
The second version comes with new imaginative ideas designed to teach young gamers about how alcohol intoxication may lead to unsafe sexual behaviour. In the second version, the evil Sperminator, now free of infection and morally rehabilitated, teams up with the forces of good to rescue the virgin Wonder Vag after she was kidnapped and held in cage in a bar by her evil twin, Bloody Mary, who plans to force the innocent hero to drink alcohol.
The superheroes making up the Sex Squad Heroes come to the rescue of Wonder Vag with promises of exciting action. The Sex Squad, according to, includes heroes as Willie the Kid ("small but strong"), Power Pap ("very sexually active but uses super X-ray vision to detect infection") and Captain Condom ("he protects users 98 percent of the time when used properly").
Wonder Vag uses a condom shield  to defend herself against the Sperminator.
Wonder Vag uses a condom shield to defend herself against the Sperminator.
Middlesex-London Health Unit
Wonder Vag's gallant rescuers must face quiz questions about birth control and sexual reproductive health issues, the effects of alcohol and drugs on sexual health before they can set Wonder Vag free. Vag is freed from captivity only after rescuers answer enough questions correctly.
The Middlesex-London Health Unit in Ontario, Canada says the game is: "intended for a 'mature youth' audience, ranging from their mid-teens to their early 20s, and provides information about common sex myths and links to relevant online resources."
According to Toronto Sun, the second version of Adventures in sex City will be officially launched on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, during the Sexual Awareness Week.
The online game was banned by the London District Catholic school board because it was contrary to the board's abstinence policy.
The original version is still available at or here.
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