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article imageOp-Ed: America's DIY domestic atrocity ― 1 in 5 report mental illness

By Paul Wallis     Jan 21, 2012 in Health
Sydney - If you think you’re going insane (What, you’ve never been?) no less than 20% of Americans were with you in the last 12 months, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has discovered.
The story, according to
1. 20% of adults had mental health issues.
2. The rate was 30% in the 18-25 range.
3. The rate was 14% in the over 50s.
4. Women were more prone than men.
5. Only 5% reported serious issues interfering with daily life.
6. 60% reported getting no treatment because they couldn’t afford it.
7. Poverty and unemployment were key demographic components of higher levels of mental illness.
Then there’s this gem:
They also reported that many Americans had seriously contemplated suicide over the preceding year (8.7 million), and 2.5 million had actually made suicide plans. Just over a million patients had attempted it.
So- reading this as it’s stated:
1. 5% of people with mental illness thought it was a problem. They’d naturally be the people in the best condition to judge the onset of a major condition.
2. 60% couldn’t get, and therefore presumably wanted, treatment. That sort of undermines the “5% serious” finding. If 60% thought they should get treatment, that means the conditions were considered serious enough to get it.
From these enchanting stats we may gather:
1. Psychiatric and psychological care costs are 60% out of whack with public need and ability to pay.
2. 8.7 million people needed support and apparently didn’t get it, for whatever reasons.
3. 1 million people were at some point at risk of losing their lives for possibly preventable mental conditions.
Some logical inferences:
1. 20% of the population means 1 in 5 Americans had mental conditions which may have involved responsibilities or actions affecting other people. So that means that people associated with the 20% may have been at risk of injury or incidents related to behavioural flaws associated with mental illness.
2. There has been no real movement on health care worthy of the name. That last word in sanity, Washington, actively obstructed passage of affordable health care with sheer rabid hatred, apparently on the basis that health care should be unaffordable as a matter of national policy. This is what you pay your taxes for- To elect people prepared and able to deprive you of services which are considered basic and inalienable in any other Western country.
3. The majority of Americans declaring bankruptcy in recent years as a result of medical expenses actually had health insurance. That health insurance was obviously written not to cover a broad range of high value costs. (“High value”, as defined by the bankruptcy figures, averages out to about $18,000.) Medical bankruptcies have risen from 5% in the 1980s to around 50% of cases in 2001.
4. The psychiatric and psychological professions are apparently so insular that they have never seriously addressed the issue of affordability of services.
5. The suicide figures speak for themselves. Bear in mind that of those who attempt suicide, most just keep trying until they get it right. A million suicides would be the equivalent of 250 Iraq wars.
On the positive side, America can now rejoice in yet another total social failure to uphold anything vaguely resembling basic standards of living, or even dying, in the case of the suicidal.
Like everything else, if it needs doing, there are some duly elected anal recidivists who are prepared to be paid well to prevent it being done, whatever it is.
There are fully qualified, incredibly expensive professionals who won’t do a damn thing about their own ethical obligations, even when being paid to carry them out.
It looks as though Americans no longer have human rights. This study is just one in a long line of analyses that simply prove:
1. Anything which is against the public interest will be allowed, or even actively encouraged. In the case of health, you’d think people being healthy was illegal, the way Washington reacted to the health care bill.
2. Taxes no longer pay for services, but non-services and the political mentalities which work around the clock depriving the public of services. In the past, you could see a doctor same day. Now, it’s weeks or months, and part of the reason is that so many people are sick. That’s another “innovation” from the elite peasants who’ve been running America into the ground for so long.
3. Taxes are funnelled away from areas like health into corporate pockets. So what if millions of Americans can’t afford the treatment they’d be able to get in any other Western nation, some billionaire needs a new car. Oil should be subsidized with the people’s money, but not the people themselves.
This is a culture of failure. It’s an insult to humanity. It’s a freeloading, criminal culture which has totally lost contact with realities and believes itself immune to punishment or even criticism.
Suggestion- You’ve got an election coming this year- Vote every single one of these sleazy, corrupt, incompetent animals out of office and anything associated with them, however many legs or tentacles it has. You’ll enjoy the change. The best cure for any mental condition is a change of mind.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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