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article imageThe Incredible Inedible Meatball app puts the reader in the story Special

By Anthony Carranza     Jan 20, 2012 in Technology
Minneapolis - The Incredible Inedible Meatball is the story of a magic meatball that comes to life and jumps into a kid's backpack to get away from the mean chef.
The Incredible Inedible Meatball is an app that made its debut in Apple’s App Store on Dec. 21, 2011. The premise of it is to make the reader the central character of the story. This iPhone & iPad application has a story to tell and makes an unforgettable connection between the reader and the story through touch-screen technology.
The story revolves around a magical meatball that truly comes to life and embarks on a journey to become best friends (with the reader in this case) trying to escape from a mean chef. The story is composed of pages with mini-games; unlike being the passive traditional reader, you can engage yourself in interactive actions like chopping vegetables, flinging meatballs at the wall, ride a scooter away from the evil chef and many more.
This interactive book designed for Apple’s popular smartphone and tablet is aimed at children ages 2 to 7.
Can you customize the story? The answer is yes! With today’s technology writing a good story is a must, but an app that spikes the interest of the user is even better.
“So the idea was to put the reader into the story. You put your name into it and you put a voice into the things that you like the most or your friends name for example, “said Scott Schneweis the author of the story. “It’s not just a book but you can basically touch something and have it come to life. Feel like you’re part of the story. And I thought I enjoyed writing a story that had that going on.”
Schneweis lives in Minneapolis and has been a freelance writer for magazines, television and radio. He met with the developers, The Guys in the Booth, and eight months later, in his own words “they drove the magic of how the book became an app”.
The app allows you to choose from 12 categories and customize your own personal story. You can change the names, age, gender, use a funny word, or something that tastes terrible and many more.
About the Incredible Inedible Meatball
The app is designed for both the iPhone and iPad. It’s rated 4+ and is available in iTunes to download for $2.99. The Guys in the Booth are also members of Moms with Apps, in which they collaborate with group of “family-friendly” developers with the mission of promoting quality apps for kids and families alike.
How has the app performed since its original release? According to Apple it debuted in the “Top 150 iPhone Book App” and also ranked it as “The Last 2 Weeks’ Best Apps #15” featured on the page.
The author of the app tapped into his own childhood experience and remembered he wrote it in the sixth grade. So 22 years later, in the age where technology is predominant, he took the idea from “the Incredible Inedible Meatball” and switched places with the reader. In his original story he was the star of the story, but this time around the reader is the ultimate star.
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