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article imageOp-Ed: Rick Perry should now plan National Day of Prayer for Rick Perry

By Lynn Herrmann     Jan 20, 2012 in Politics
Washington - Of all the horrible presidential choices the GOP has presented its followers over the decades, none has been more horrific than Texas Governor Rick Perry, a man who should now lead America toward a National Day of Prayer for Rick Perry.
You know something’s wrong when your home state - the place you’ve been governor for 12 years running, the reddest of all red states, the place where redneckism was born and inbred - thinks more highly of a Massachussets politician than they do of you.
Unfortunately for all you Texans, your vacation since last August, free of Perry, is now over. He’s coming home to roost. It’s a certainty all his prayer days from last year are being missed. God knows they didn’t do any good.
Instead of holding the latest national day of prayer at a massive sports stadium, how about way out in West Texas, along one of those Interstate rest areas, the ones where folks are driving by at 85 mph just because they can?
Here’s a suggestion for Rick. Consider Congress. He’d fit right in with their all-time high disapproval rating of 84 percent. With an election year guaranteeing they’ll do nothing except raise campaign contributions and try keeping their jobs, well, yeah, perfect fit.
It would keep him out of Texas where, apparently, people have finally begun to wise up. But that’s wishful thinking, on both counts.
Perry’s failures as a presidential candidate are well-chronicled, and far too many to list, but it should be noted he mysteriously failed to garner the support that, just four months ago, he was positioned to steamroll the opposition with.
Perhaps the oil and gas industry held back its support while waiting for Perry to open his mouth and string together one coherent sentence. The likely scenario is its perfect contentment in running roughshod over Texas, polluting its air, and now with the Eagle Ford shale play, raping the land. It’s more plausible than waiting for coherency from Perry.
How could Perry have possibly led a nation out of its current economic malaise, destined to get worse no matter who comes on board, when he slashed funding for public education in Texas by $4 billion? And then turned a blind eye when a Dallas suburb school district decided it needed not only a new $60 million football stadium but a $30 million bus barn to be built next to an elementary school?
How could Perry have possibly led a nation toward environmental awareness when his home state continues leading the nation in greenhouse gas emissions? When he denies global warming, even though his home state experienced its worst fire season (yes, he did slash firefighter funding) on record last year? When his home state led the nation last year in the hottest summer on record? When his home state had its worst drought on record last year, a drought still ongoing for the most part?
How could Perry have possibly led a nation toward some semblance of peace over the issue of abortion, over the issue of gay rights, over the issue of minority rights, when he is one of the biggest hypocritical bigots in Texas’ long history of hypocritical bigots, political or otherwise?
Without a cogent thought process to draw from, it was clear Perry misunderestimated (it’s how Texas politicians think) the power of the the federal reserve. Such threats on the powerful led to Perry’s demise, and his ability to misunderestimate, much like his predecessor as Texas governor, would have been a disaster for the planet.
The only place Perry could have possibly led the nation was into more war. His lack of education on geography and international politics, combined with an innate ability to grate on people, would certainly have hastened the destruction of the U.S. Give him some credit.
So now he unloads his political support - what little he had - on Newt Gingrich, another fine specimen of humanity. Yep, that Newt, the one who wanted an “open” marriage with his second wife, not to be confused with his first or third wife.
It’s one thing to be religious, and live by the words of the so-called good book, or to possess a spiritual awareness, quietly living within the realm of those righteous convictions.
It’s an entirely different matter to be wearing a disease on your sleeve, as Perry does, forcing it down everyone’s throat.
Americans should indeed count their blessings on Perry’s decision to become a quitter. As they say in these parts, you just can’t fix stupid.
Good riddance.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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