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article imageUSPS worker caught tossing package over fence

By Leigh Goessl     Jan 20, 2012 in Business
Los Angeles - In the wake of both UPS and FedEx employees being caught on camera mishandling packages, now a USPS employee was caught in a similar incident.
A USPS worker was caught on surveillance in the Los Angeles area tossing a package which contained a fragile item.
According to NBC Los Angeles, Michael Oreb had been anxiously waiting for a 1938 German black forest cuckoo clock he had ordered.
“I tracked it all the way from Pennsylvania to Bell Gardens to here,” said Oreb. Eagerly waiting for the treasured item, Oreb had watched his surveillance video, and was stunned by what he saw.
“I looked and he pulled up, threw it (the box) over the fence and then got in the van and drove off. I went out there and picked up the thing and he was already up the street,” said Oreb.
Watching the video, it is visible how the USPS employee pulled up to the curb, got the package and did not even attempt to handle the parcel with care. Before Oreb could even catch up to the delivery person, the truck had already sped off.
Oreb called USPS immediately to tell them what he'd captured on video; he said the USPS was very responsive and a postal office representative was "at his door in 10 minutes."
He did not allow the USPS representative to take his clock, however.
“I pretty much figured that it was going to be damaged from the distance that he’d thrown it,” Oreb said as he opened the box and not surprisingly found several broken components of his cuckoo clock. “I will take it in and find me a repairman who works on antique clocks and have them repair it and I’ll send them [USPS] the bill.”
NBC reported the USPS issued the following statement regarding the incident, "USPS released the following statement, “The U.S. Postal Service was dismayed to see the video of one of our employee throwing a parcel over a fence. That does not represent the kind of service we strive to provide our customers. ... This matter is currently being investigated to determine the appropriate actions to be taken with regards to the employee and our customer.”
This incident occurs at a time the USPS is in a dire financial situation. For the past couple of years the delivery agency has been struggling, and the situation continues to deteriorate. Congress is still looking to find a solution as the USPS actively tries to scale back on costs and find ways to increase revenue.
Some of the solutions have caused controversy as delivery centers and local offices are closed and jobs are lost. Scaled back delivery guarantees and elimination of Saturday delivery have also been given as considerations. Additionally the agency still has a looming $5.5. billion payment to make for its retirement system.
As for Oreb, he does not think the USPS employee should lose his job. “I think he should be reprimanded - maybe put through some more training and stuff like that 'cause you never know what's inside the packages when you see them."
Ironically if this incident had happened over a week ago, the footage wouldn't have been captured. Oreb had just installed the surveillance camera system a week ago after the Hollywood arsonist had targeted homes in the vicinity.
“My wife didn’t feel safe ‘cuz we’ve only been here 7 months," Oreb said. "So far, it’s worked out well."
Over the holidays Digital Journal a UPS employee was caught giving the camera the finger as he tossed a package at the door, and a FedEx delivery man was also caught heaving a computer monitor over a fence; both videos went viral.
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