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article imageNew poll finds 66% of Canadians support legalization of marijuana

By Marcus Hondro     Jan 20, 2012 in Politics
They are thought of as friendly, Canadians are, a grouping of polite humans north of the U.S. who play hockey and create famous singers such as Celine Dion, Michael Buble and Justin Bieber. It appears that many also have liberal views on marijuana.
In a poll released Jan. 17, by the Toronto-based Forum Research Inc., 66 percent of 1,160 Canadians 18 and up polled said they believe marijuana should be legalized. The poll was conducted by phone back on Dec. 13th.
Canadian Poll: Legalize Bud
Not surprisingly, at least not to most Canadians, the province of British Columbia on the west coast had the highest support for legalizing pot, with 73 percent supporting legalization. The province of Quebec had the lowest, with 61 percent favoring making pot legal. All age ranges favoured polled 64 percent of higher, with those between 55 and 64 polling the highest at 73 percent.
“The public no longer favours devoting the time and resources required to restrict marijuana use and possession," Lorne Bozinoff of Forum Research said in a press release. "While many feel the best strategy is to legalize and tax its sale. For a majority of Canadians, the war on this particular drug needs to end.”
Liberal Party of Canada votes to support Legalization
The poll results comes days after the Liberal Party of Canada, not now in power but traditionally Canada's most prominent party, voted during a weekend convention to support the legalizing of marijuana, with 77 percent voting in favor of the motion. It is not yet part of the party's official platform, however.
At the moment Canada allows the use of medical marijuana in all provinces. Possession of marijuana is still a criminal offence in Canada but for a first offence, especially for an amount under 30 grams, the punishment may be no more than a small fine.
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