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article imageOp-Ed: Anonymous takes down Justice Dept, Universal Music sites

By Paul Wallis     Jan 19, 2012 in Internet
Sydney - Anonymous, understandably and consistently no more thrilled with the SOPA and other anti-piracy laws than anyone else online, took down the Justice Department, the RIAA and other sites as its contribution- Then got misreported.
The Anonymous protest was placed right in the middle of the SOPA machinery, but ABC Australia reported that Anonymous hit these sites in response to an FBI strike against online pirates:
…Anonymous has now apparently hit back, claiming via Twitter to have carried out its "largest attack ever", with the Justice Department, Universal Music, the Recording Industry Association of America, and the Utah Chiefs of Police Association failing to load
Reportedly, the attacks came moments after the FBI arrested executives responsible for Megaupload, a popular file-sharing site. The website is now inactive.
As you can see, it’s not hard to read this as an act in support of online pirates, which, as you might expect, is the exact opposite of Anonymous’ actual stated position, which was:
"Let's just say, for #SOPA supporters their #SOPAblackout is today," said @YourAnonNews.
Not particularly hard to interpret Anonymous’ position, is it? (Utah Chiefs of Police Association? Bit of a stretch, isn't it, Anonymous, in terms of relationship with SOPA? I would have thought they were more worried about mafeasant Mormons than SOPA.) I don’t normally find too much wrong with Australia’s public broadcaster, but this is at best a poorly garbled statement of the Anonymous position. I’d like to think this was an editorial error/chronic illiteracy and inability to join dots, not a deliberate attempt to mislead people regarding the Anonymous objectives and then grotesquely contradict the ABC’s own information in the same article.
The time is long gone when media and other insiders can claim superior knowledge and position their information to agendas and expect to get away with it. Misrepresenting facts and issues is exactly what the SOPA rebellion is all about.
I’m sure Anonymous isn’t too worried about hick reporting and editorial standards, but let’s face it- misrepresentation is part of mainstream media’s core business. SOPA was a misrepresentation of the facts of online piracy, as well as a classic case of Washington’s nepotistic fast track for vested interests. The rabid hate campaigns in US politics have set a benchmark for misrepresentation.
Some points:
The reaction to SOPA is the new reality.
Misreporting or misrepresenting news doesn’t work anymore.
Credibility is trashed by providing information masquerading as news which can be disproved in seconds.
Misrepresenting information and polarizing issues has achieved nothing but disasters for the US and other countries. It’s time MSM grew up and started to acknowledge that this crap just doesn’t work anymore.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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