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article imageOp-Ed: Ron Paul and the looming 'passionless presidential race'

By Michael Krebs     Jan 17, 2012 in Politics
As the Republican primary season unfolds and Mitt Romney sails forward as the yawn the GOP is forced to swallow, there still remains a voice worthy of Independent and Democratic consideration - and it isn't President Obama.
Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul was booed at the GOP debate in South Carolina on Monday night, confirming three core realities for Republican, Independent, Libertarian, and Democratic voters:
1. Ron Paul remains thoroughly consistent in his anti-militaristic and anti-imperialist Libertarian roots
2. South Carolina remains a state of backward and war-hungry "Christians," fully ignoring the "do unto others as you would expect done unto you" mantra found throughout the breadth of Judeo-Christian texts that have delivered the God of the "In God We Trust" printed across the entirety of the U.S. currency
3. The Republican Party is resigned to a presidential candidate in Mitt Romney that is born out of a misguided fear that only Mitt Romney could beat President Obama, even though a recent CNN poll demonstrates Paul's ability to compete with Obama, as The State Column reported.
There are any number of positions that one could take from these confirmations, but the third observation is certainly a disconcerting conclusion.
American voters have shared a noted interest in change, expressed in the pendulum vote from President Bush to President Obama. However, while Conservatives have lamented the Obama White House, Obama's Liberal arterial base has been largely disappointed. In this manner, Change has been anemic for both sides of the American political spectrum.
Enter former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, a vapid say-what-you-have-to GOP presidential candidate that's Robert Reich believes will usher in the "passionless presidential race" with his chief competitor in President Obama, as Reason detailed on Tuesday.
However, the "passionless presidential race" need not happen.
Libertarian-leaning candidate Ron Paul, insisting as MSNBC noted that the presidential contest is a two-man race, remains a refreshing and passionate option for change, and one that Independents and Democrats can rally around.
Paul is decidedly anti-militaristic and surprisingly Liberal socially, while holding to fiscal principles that are modern and reflective of America's current financial reality. He does not fit into a mold, and this discordance is itself a sign of his change-orientation. He has the youth and the military vote, which is a curious mix, and his positions on matters of racism and the American drug culture leave him far apart from the 12th century thinking found among his Conservative competitors.
Choices remain for Republican primary voters in South Carolina and beyond, but the general election need not end in a "passionless" setting. With Liberals and Independents notably un-enthused by another four years of Obama, it seems in the best interest of the Republican establishment to put forth a candidate that can inspire an enthusiastic following while keeping American society current in modern terms and consistent in Constitutional terms.
And this candidate is found in Congressman Ron Paul.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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