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article imageOp-Ed: Has Obama lost the black vote?

By Alexander Baron     Jan 18, 2012 in Politics
One day in 1863, American blacks woke up to hear that a white Republican President had given them their freedom. Now, their descendants have woken up to hear a black Democratic President has taken theirs away. And everybody else's.
When Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, he went from the Candidate of Change to plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. The likes of Alex Jones have been warning us for years of The Obama Deception, now, American Blacks are warning of it too. Here and here are two videos made not by politicians but by ordinary citizens - a man and a woman - whose judgment is to be trusted far more than that of any TV pundit. Is Jones and are they right, or are they failing to see the bigger picture?
One group of men who did see the bigger picture were the Founding Fathers of the United States, which is why they wrote the Constitution. It may be true that Obama held the pen that signed away America's freedoms, but this is not something that happened overnight, rather it is something that has been going on since before he was born, or indeed before the Founding Fathers were.
Controls on or abrogations of freedom occur most often during time of war; in Britain, both ration books and identity cards were instigated during the Second World War. It will be recalled that one of the reasons Britain and the world went to war was (supposedly) because of the persecution of a certain minority. They were obliged to wear a yellow star. There is not that much difference between an ID card and a yellow star, or at least one bloke thought not.
In December 1950, motorist Henry Willcock was stopped by PC Harold Muckle, and when asked to produce his ID card, he refused. Convicted by the magistrates' court he was granted an absolute discharge, but took the case to the Court of Appeal where the Lord Chief Justice denounced the whole system of peacetime identity cards.
In the 1990s, renewed attempts were made to introduce compulsory identity cards, and, surprise, surprise, in September 1995, the Jewish Chronicle reported that the Board of Deputies of British Jews had debated the Government's green paper on the issue, and had come out narrowly in favour of ID cards. So much for the tyranny of Hitler. The reality is of course that anyone who drives a car must carry a de facto ID card, ie a driving licence, and that has been the law for some considerable time. A plethora of ID is now needed to carry out almost anything apart from buying the groceries. This is the case in most countries of the world be they “civilised” like the country that bombed Iran or “free” unlike China.
While some loss of freedom in this area was probably inevitable, and a variety of pretexts have been advanced for it, the loss of other freedoms has required meticulous planning, scheming and preparation. One does not have to and indeed should not subscribe to the nonsense of the 9/11 Truthers, that the atrocities of September 11 were perpetrated by the US Government for this very purpose, the same people or the same sort of people were saying the same thing about the Oklahoma City bombing years before; the cynical exploitation of an atrocity or legislation introduced as a knee jerk response to it is not the same thing as perpetrating it.
The catalyst for Obama signing away the rights of American citizens happened of course on September 11, 2001, long before he took office, and probably before he considered that one day he would have a realistic chance of becoming President. While he cannot deny or avoid his personal responsibility, it is worth bearing in mind that in 2008, the only alternative to Obama was McCain, and war with Iran, while increasingly it is beginning to look as though Americans will have three choices next time: Obama, the 76 year old Ron Paul - or one of the Republic lunatics who will bomb Iran or give Israel the green light to bomb it.
While no one with half a brain wants to live in a police state, there are all manner of pressures and vested interests lobbying for the creation of one.
To begin with, there is a lot of money in surveillance, the military-industrial complex, the prison system, policing and bureaucracy. Then there are all manner of pressure groups lobbying for more and more repressive laws, often slanted towards their own cause.
The creation of hate speech is one example, with the resultant calls for controls on the Internet and Draconian penalties for non-compliance. The war on drugs is a massive drain on human resources as well as a dagger in the heart of civil liberties; this has resulted in civil asset forfeiture legislation in Britain as well as America. All this before we even mention those wicked terrorists.
For most of us, a terrorist is someone who plants a bomb or engages in some act which endangers human life. We also recognise terrorist acts as those which cause serious damage to infrastructure and especially to government property. Our masters take a less parochial view, so that all manner of people are classified as terrorists, terrorist sympathisers or fellow travellers. These people are as likely if not more likely than real terrorists to fall foul of anti-terrorist legislation and actions.
The greatest threat to our freedoms though comes not from repressive laws but from the misuse of new technology; it remains to be seen if any mere politician can stop this, although in the likely event of Ron Paul not becoming President, a second term for the incumbent is probably the least bad choice. Has Obama lost the Black vote? Probably not, although he appears not to have got this one last time around.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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