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article imageBrazil: Woman arrested for killing hundreds of dogs and cats

By Ernest Dempsey     Jan 16, 2012 in World
Brazilian police have arrested a woman who used to take in abandoned animals, posing as a caregiver, but actually killed the animals as part of the blood trade in Brazilian black market.
The news of the woman, identified as Lina Dalva da Silva, arrested by the Brazilian police was shared in a YouTube video posted on Friday, January 13. The video shows a Brazilian news channel running footage of police raiding the suspected building in Sao Paulo where Dalva lived and used her house as a shelter for animals, dogs and cats. Policemen opened a number of plastic shopping bags along the road outside the building, disposed as garbage, that contained dead bodies of dogs and cats; they found about 40 dogs and 6 cats—all dead.
The website of the animal rights organization Agência de Notícias de Direitos Animais (ANDA) reported the news, informing that Dalva had been under suspicion since 2009 when an email circulated via the Internet pointed to suspicious activity in the woman’s house. At that point, the police called Dalva to ask what had been going on with so many animals donated to her while she didn’t appear to have enough room for accommodating them. She somehow justified her animal adoption practice by contriving an excuse.
But recently, a private detective stationed outside her residence to monitor her activity found that the woman had dumped the bodies of the animals in plastic bags, covering them to make it look like garbage. During the 20 days the detective watched the place, he says that he saw about 300 animals moved inside the house, but none leaving it. As the police arrived on the crime scene, Dalva was shown in the video standing outside on her balcony and saying the police must not try to enter her residence without a warrant.
Later, Dalva is shown being held by the police and taken to the police car. ANDA website informs that she had been taken to the police station to testify earlier the same day, after which she was released. But around 7 pm, police again raided her house and saved 13 animals, including a small puppy, from inside the house—what they believe were next in line for slaughter.
Referring to Dalva, ANDA website notes that unmasking one murderer is certainly not the end; instead, hundreds of such “executioners” are still in business, disguised as “protectors of animals”.
As to the motive of the animal killings, the Brazilian web portal Olhardireto quoted from the statement of Deputy Ricardo Tripoli, the Parliamentary Environmentalist of Congress, believing that the animals were killed by the woman for selling animal blood in the black market. According to Tripoli’s statement, one bag of blood of animals–dogs or cats—can sell for about $300 in black, though the actual motive behind the killings still needs to be determined.
Meanwhile, animal rights advocates lament the lack of care on behalf of the authorities when it comes to cruelty to animals in the country. Janice Cabral of the non-profit Dogs in Brazil commented on the news as, “It's illegal to chain dogs, beat dogs, rape dogs, kill dogs; but all found guilty of these will certainly get just a slap on the wrist.” She stated that it was not the law but the sentencing that needed changing for victimizing animals in Brazil.
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