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article imageVideo: Great White shark circles fishing boat in Hawaii

By Kim I. Hartman     Jan 16, 2012 in Environment
Honolulu - A group of fisherman in Hawaii have an amazing story to tell after a day of fishing for marlin five miles off the coast of Yokohama Bay ended with a Great White shark circling their boat for nearly an hour looking for its next meal.
The massive shark which was estimated to be 14-foot in length was spotted closely following a 300 pound marlin that was being reeled in by one of the fishermen.
After pulling the marlin onboard Addison Toki, who was fishing with boat captain Dominick Gaballo, grabbed his camera and began filming the monstrous shark as it slowly and methodically circled the boat. The shark attempted to bite the propeller numerous times as it passed the stern of the fishing vessel
"We were just amazed by this huge animal circling our boat because the blood from the marlin was in the water and he looked hungry, he looked really hungry," Toki told Hawaii News Now. "I seen the shark turn sideways and he kind of flicked at the motor and tried to get a good bite on the motor."
Shark expert John Naughton told Hawaii News Now, "This is definitely not a tiger shark and I would say there is a very good possibility it is a white shark."
After viewing footage of the shark encounter, shark expert Kim Holland, who heads the Shark Lab at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology at Coconut Island, confirmed the shark was a Great White or a white shark.
"You can tell what it is not. It's not a tiger shark. It is not a hammerhead. It is not an oceanic white tip because it doesn't have any white tips on its fins. It's not a black tip. And just the overall shape and coloration and the shape of the tail, it all points to it being a great white, or a white shark," she told Hawaii News Now.
Toki's video of the hungry shark circling the fishing boat has been uploaded to YouTube where it has taken a viral turn, receiving hundreds of thousands of views, many of which are surfers and swimmers who frequent those waters.
Hawaii News Now said sightings of Great White shark are not common in the waters of the Hawaiian Islands. An 18-foot Great White was spotted on New Year's Eve in 2005. Shark experts say the food supply for Great Whites is greater off the coast of California and Mexico, where sharks can find a large number of seals to dine on. They speculate the shark could have ventured that far across the Pacific Ocean to give birth.
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