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article imageKate Bush fan gives her the Wuthering frights

By Alexander Baron     Jan 15, 2012 in Entertainment
Exeter - There are disadvantages to being stunningly beautiful and immensely talented, such as being pursued by obsessive and at times idiotic fans.
To look at her, it's difficult to believe Kate Bush is 53; this photo appears to have been taken early last year, and she is as evergreen as ever. She may have had a facelift or some help from an airbrush, but somehow I doubt it. She is definitely that old though, because I bought her first three albums when I was, well, young and foolish. She wasn't the first woman I ever loved; Lynsey de Paul has that dubious honour, another enormous talent. I was wise enough even in my misspent youth to realise that some women can be worshipped only from afar. That's a lesson I forgot to my cost five years ago, but that's another story.
Unfortunately, some people never learn that lesson first time round, like the obsessive American fan Frank Tufaro who broke into the singer-songwriter's home with an engagement ring and hopes higher than Mount Everest. Apparently, this happened on Boxing Day, but the news has just leaked out. He has now been deported after a mental health assessment. It is certainly not an act of madness for a red-blooded male to adore Kate Bush, even one twenty years her junior, but as a fan he should have done some basic research, which would have revealed that not only is the lady an obsessively private person but Bush is her maiden name, and she has not only a husband but a son. Did he really expect her to dump her family and set up home with him in an artist's garret in Manhattan?
This sort of incident may sound humorous but George Harrison didn't think so. Fortunately, the deranged individual who attacked and nearly killed him in his own home appears to be at the other end of the spectrum from this nutcase, who a few years from now will probably look back on this incident with embarrassment, but if the lady had been home alone, it is doubtful if she would have received her uninvited guest with enthusiasm. Which brings us to her latest project. The man from SongFacts has done her proud, and currently her name appears no less than 45 times in his database; here is one of her song's Frank Tufaro should have played but apparently hasn't. Now, where were we?
50 Words For Snow is her latest gift to the world, apparently from an Inuit myth. As might be expected, this is a concept album. Released before Christmas, it has earned her a nomination for the Brit Awards, Best Female Artist, where she is up against the current flavour of the month, Adele. Kate Bush is certainly not an acquired taste, but some of her material requires a little intellectual effort to appreciate. Wuthering Heights is fairly straightforward, but what is Cloudbusting about?
Much of 50 Words For Snow appears to be cut from the same cloth, so don't expect to fall in love with it at a first listening. Unlike the lady herself.
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