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Op-Ed: Casey Anthony plumbs new depths of depravity

By Alexander Baron     Jan 14, 2012 in Crime
The acquittal of Casey Anthony last year of murdering her young daughter caused outrage; the allegations she made against her father caused indignation; now, the woman who many believe lucky to have avoided the gurney has plumbed new depths.
When Judge Strickland said the truth and Casey Anthony are strangers, no one who knew her would have disagreed, but likewise, no one could have realised just how much of an understatement that was. This is the woman who claimed her daughter was kidnapped by her non-existent nanny, and later admitted that she knew Caylee Marie's body was decomposing in a swamp near her home while she was out partying with her friends.
This is the woman who then claimed the girl's death was an accident, and gave as her excuse for not claiming this at the time a surrealistic scenario of her father blaming her ; the father she claimed had sexually abused her from an early age, the father on whom she was heard and seen in prison videos praising.
Not daring to take the stand where her web of lies would have been unravelled by Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick, she allowed her lawyer to do all the talking, and then by virtue of the dumbest jury ever empanelled by the State of Florida, she walked back to freedom under a cloak of anonymity, rightly fearing the retribution of an enraged American public of both sexes and all races, classes and ages.
Anthony's conviction on misdemeanors has ensured that she cannot totally disappear; her precise whereabouts are a closely guarded secret, although she appears to be living in or around Florida.
It remains to be seen if the recently recorded Casey Anthony videos are genuine, though some media outlets appear to think so.
Although Anthony's latest claims are not new, they have only just been revealed. While she was awaiting trial she told two doctors who had been assigned to assess the state of her mental health that her father had killed Caylee, a claim that was never advanced by her legal team during her trial. She also claimed that her daughter was conceived as a result of an act of rape; date rape, not a rape by a stranger in a car park like that other queen of liars, Linda Carty.
In the UK, this and a great deal more evidence relating to this case would have been locked away until the next century. We should all be grateful this is not the case in the USA, and that this evil, manipulative young woman is now revealed in all her glory, in her true colours, for the whole world to see.
Her father George Anthony has, unsurprisingly, disowned her; it remains to be seen if she will be able to rebuild her life anywhere, although it is clear that whatever she does, the American taxpayer will be left to pick up the tab.
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