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article imageMadonna: Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' copies 'Express Yourself'

By Marcus Hondro     Jan 13, 2012 in Entertainment
The Material Girl seems to think that the Fame Monster has in essence copied - stolen is perhaps too strong a word - a song of hers, at least that would seem to be the gist of a remark Madonna made to Newsweek about a certain Lady Gaga anthem-like song.
Here is what Madonna told the magazine in an interview that's scheduled to be out in Newsweek's Jan. 30, 2012 issue (talking about the first time she heard Born This Way): “I thought: what a wonderful way to redo my song (Express Yourself). I mean, I recognized the chord changes; I thought it was…interesting.”
Just the titles of the songs give a strong idea of the similarity in the content, you don't need to have heard the songs to get that. But virtually all the pop-listening world has heard both and many may have already noted that thematically there's no question there's a connection. And when Madonna talked about the chord progression she was not being flippant, there is a sameness there, too.
Lady Gaga reminds Madonna...of Madonna
Madonna might have added that the melodies bear a resemblance as well. It's also worth noting that Lady Gaga's song reminding Madonna of her song isn't the only connection Madonna's made between them. She recently went so far as to tell the BBC that Lady Gaga "did remind me of me back in the day."
If Madonna's remarks sound a trifle catty and competitive, there is precedence to the two being in competition, at least comic precedence. Back in 2009 the two appeared on 'Saturday Night Live' together - hosted by Ryan Reynolds - and performed in a sketch that saw them get into a cat fight over who was the best diva.
Madonna is 53 and Lady Gaga 25.
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