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article imageOp-Ed: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker doesn't like it both ways

By John Bichler     Jan 12, 2012 in Politics
Scott Walker was collecting money from out-of-state donors to help him fund his recall election, if he has one. Could he be a hypocrite or just a politician fighting to save his job?
Scott Walker doesn’t like it when Democrats get out-of-state money to campaign, but when he $2.4 million from out-of-state sources it is okay, because he needs to do it to fight the evil unions that want him recalled.
One week Scott Walker is talking about how his parents taught him to do the right thing, and the next week he is saying that what he considers wrong for Democrats to take money from sources outside the state, but when he does it, he deflects and blames unions for him needing the money in the first place.
Would the real Scott Walker stand up? Just hold on a second, he has a call from David Koch and will have to get back to you, when he is done.
Yeah, Gov. Walker kind of apologized for saying he “dropped a bomb” on public sector workers, and kind of apologized for not informing the people of Wisconsin why it was important to get rid of collective bargaining rights. Yes, if the people only had more time to see how evil public sector unions were to the Republic of Wisconsin, maybe people wouldn’t be so mad at him.
People aren’t just mad at Scott Walker because he pushed collective bargaining through without taking time to sell people on the idea. College students and parents are sick of Wisconsin balancing budgets by cutting funding to the University of Wisconsin System and Wisconsin Technical Colleges, and these cuts causing an increase in tuition.
People are mad at Scott Walker for the “tools” he claimed he gave school district, because he cut funding to the schools and forced school districts to come up with ways to fix the cash shortage.
People are mad at Scott Walker because they see him as part of a Republican agenda that wants to reward corporations for their donations while trying to choke out the middle-class.
People are mad at Scott Walker, but how different is Scott Walker from [url=http:// t=_blank]Jim Doyle? Jim Doyle was probably just as arrogant as Scott Walker was.
Doyle had ethic issues. A state employ went to jail for steering a state contract to a campaign donor, and one campaign contributor was convicted of money laundering, Doyle did his best to make it look like he didn’t know anything about these issues, much like Scott Walker did.
Jim Doyle had a reputation for not working well with others, even people in his own party, and did things his own way.
The Madison Capital Times reported that an executive staffer for Jim Doyle said: “The governor is not a nice person. He’s not a nice human being. If that were a qualifier to be governor, he wouldn’t be governor. “
A lot of what Jim Doyle did as governor wasn’t always very popular. Republicans were angry with Jim Doyle, some wanted to recall Doyle, but they never did recall him. Jim Doyle had his faults, and Scott Walker has a few more faults, but in the end, Scott Walker looks like he going to face a recall. .
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