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article imageOp-Ed: 'Destroy, burn, kill' messages from Arab and Jewish extremists

By Lesley Lanir     Jan 12, 2012 in World
On one side, OxOmar, the Saudi hacker has leaked 200 more Israeli credit card details and encourages Arab hackers to ‘destroy Israel.’ On the other, an IDF soldier who writes ‘burn Arabs’ is arrested for leaking information. Peace when exactly?
Israel’s Ynet news reports that OxOmar strikes again announcing that he will publish the details of 200 Israeli credit cards daily.
Some examples of comments made by OxOmar, the hacker who claims to have a sohphisticated method of hiding his identity that Israel's intelligence and special operations division the Mossad cannot decode.
To the Mossad:
Don’t waste your time. Stop telling my bots location to media and infecting media with false details.
To Arab hackers and all Muslims:
From here, I invite all hackers of world from Islamic world to come together, it's not matter what you think, I invite all Muslim hackers to unite against Israel, the big enemy of all Muslims. I invite all Arab-Muslim Hackers to unite against Israel and join this war.
To Israelis in general:
I shout to Israeli authorities and people, you are not safe from me and Muslim hackers. We'll fight all of our live against Israel we’ll harm you anyway we can let’s destroy Israel and have a free Palestine without enemies
Outbursts like OxOmar's seem to reflect those of some extreme Israeli Jews. Israel news Ynet reports that Amihy Zoaretz a soldier in the IDF – Israel’s army, was one of the soldiers arrested by Israel’s Military Police for allegedly passing classified information about the government's plan to evacuate illegal Jewish settler outposts in the West Bank.
Zoaretz and another soldier, helped by about 30 informants, are accused of informing Jewish rightwing activists of the time the IDF was planning to remove Illegal Jewish settlers from Ramat Gilad. Based on this information, dozens of activists violently disrupted the efforts of the IDF in their attempts to remove the settlers.
Ynet quotes Zoaretz as writing on Facebook:
Shabbat Shalom to all and a happy holiday. May we get to burn the Arabs and leftists and then keep the Commandments of Hanukkah and watch them burn.
I think we should burn all the Arabs and just transfer them to an apartment in the skies!
Kill all lefties including the [Gilad] Shalit family
The 'lefties' that Zoaretz refers to are those Israelis who tend to be liberal minded, support the peace process, and want social change and egalitarianism in Israel’s society. Examples of ‘left wing Israeli behaviour’ that Zoaretz seems to find abhorrent can be seen in the film Human Turbine.
A clip here shows how Palestinians and Jews work together to generate resources that neither the Palestinian Authorities nor Israel provides.
Peace now or never?
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