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Op-Ed: Victory! Justice served for victimized Greek dogs

By Ernest Dempsey     Jan 11, 2012 in Crime
In an exemplary judgment that came on Monday, January 09, a Greek court sentenced a convict of animal cruelty 9 months in prison without parole as well as a monetary fine.
The brutal beating of two homeless dogs with a sledgehammer on Christmas Eve, in Moshato near Athens, had created an outrage among animal rights supporters in and beyond Greece. A third dog that was traumatized, as he witnessed the brutality and screamed in desperation, attracted public attention.
A YouTube video (Note: disturbing images of cruelty; viewer discretion advised) captured the brutality of the said offender, showing the bleeding dog Rigas that had been hit repeatedly with the sledgehammer on its head. Rigas succumbed to the wounds On December 30th, and was shown in the video being buried with the reminder that it was not his choice to be born and homeless. The second dog, Duke, was also shown in the video being treated for his wounds that were less severe but still speaking volumes of how dangerously cruel an angry human can get.
The police arrested the offender, whose personal details have not been made public, though news reports of this incident mentioned him as “monster”. His was put to trial without delay and the hearing was adjourned till January 9th. On the latter date, he reportedly tried to save himself from punishment by lying that the dogs had attacked him, but it didn’t save him from the law. With 9 months in prison, he also got fined 8500 Euros for cruelty and posing threat to his neighbors.
The entire case, while lighting a new beacon of justice for the animal victims of cruelty, affirms the belief in people power. It was a brave woman who not only called the police upon witnessing the nightmarish cruelty, but also agreed to testify in the court. No doubt, when the good speak, their voices don’t go unheard in a country which has something called law. For all life savers and life lovers, the Greek court’s decision is a landmark in a hopefully wider establishment of prevention of cruelty to the helpless on earth.
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