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article imageBuy Scotch whiskey for just $5, but it's in a can

By Joan Firstenberg     Jan 10, 2012 in Food
Orlando - How does a drink of 80-proof scotch sound for just $5? It comes in 8 or 12 ounces for the same price. But wait! This drink comes in a can, and it's not reasealable, so that means it either has to be transferred into a glass container or gulped down.
For just five U.S. dollars you can soon buy 8 ounces or 12 ounces of 80-proof Scotch made by Scottish Spirits at your local store. The only catch is it comes in a can. The company claims its canned scotch has been aged for three years in the Scottish Highlands. The Florida-based Scottish Spirits puts it this way.
“Scotch in a can boasts an exceptional blend of the finest malt and grain scotch whiskies, is amber in color (and is) rich in honey, vanilla, butterscotch, apples and pears taste with a nice hint of peat and smoke in the background.”
Scottish Spirits executive Ken Rubenfeld told the Huffington Post that it's the pour that matters, not the vessel.
“A lot of people like to have beverages by their pool, on their boat, in a campground, at sporting events or tailgate parties. It’s easier to bring a six-pack of a beverage versus bringing a bottle of scotch."
The only problem could be that the can is not resealable, so the entire can will have to be chugged down in one sitting. The product is expected to be available in the U.S. at the beginning of February, and before that happens, Scottish Spirits says it's hoping to begin shipping the cans with an attachment that allows them to be resealed. But a company spokeswoman admits that the brand has not yet developed such a design for such a top that can be standardized.
"When the top is perfected, people will maybe have half a can with their friends and save the rest."
Rubenfeld recommends that the product be used as a mixer or split among friends so that one person doesn't get potted after drinking an entire 12-ounce can by themselves.
“We want people to be responsible — this is 12 fluid ounces of scotch whisky and people should treat it as such.”
The New York Daily News reports that a 160-pound man who decided to drink an entire can in one hour would find himself extremely intoxicated with an approximate .18 to .22 blood alcohol level, enough to cause motor impairment, loss of memory and blackout.
Some drinkers view canned beverages as carrying a low-class stigma. But for most, they know it don't necessarily mean low quality. In recent years, some microbreweries have turned to cans for reasons including cost, drinkability and sustainability. Lew Bryson, managing editor of Whisky Advocate magazine says,
"They are opaque, they are completely airtight, and the liners are pretty darn good. It is not going to be affecting the flavor. The problem you run into is who is going to bang out 12 ounces in an evening?"
And each can will be available for only $5 apiece.
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