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article imageOp-Ed: Girl Scout cookies — A new, healthier option?

By Kathleen Blanchard     Jan 8, 2012 in Health
It’s Girl Scout Cookie time, and this year you don’t have to fret (as much) about high calorie, high fat choices. The Girl Scouts are selling a lower fat option that might help you keep your New Year’s weight loss resolution.
Even though the cookies – Savannah Smiles – are lower fat, it’s important not to overindulge. Five of the cookies still have 45 grams of fat. But, that’s less than just two Samoas or Tagalongs.
Savannah Smiles, made by Little Brownie Bakers, are dusted in powdered sugar. They’re just a bite sized crescent of a cookie, so overeating could happen quickly. Still, it’s an effort to deliver a healthier Girl Scout cookie to anyone who feels obligated to buy them– and who doesn’t? Savannah Smiles is another cookie on a Mission to “Help Girls do Great Things”.
According to the Girl Scout Cookie website, the best seller is still Thin Mints, with 7 grams of fat and 140 calories per two cookies. Though one could argue the dark chocolate coating might confer some extra health benefits, Thin Mints have less than 2% cocoa in them and contain vegetable and palm oil.
Compared to Savannah Smiles, Thin Mints have just a bit less sodium per serving size. The new cookies do contain wheat, soy, milk ingredients and tree nuts, as they all do – an important note for anyone with allergies.
It’s Girl Scout cookie time, and it’s going to be hard to say no. Well, I take that back – it’s impossible – at least for me. This year, I’m going with Savannah Smiles.
I’m thinking if the healthier cookie becomes popular, it may inspire Little Brownie Bakers to whip up even healthier cookies in the future. Another option is to stay inside until sales are over – or perhaps just pay for the cookies and ask that they be donated to someone who needs to curb hypoglycemic attacks. This year, the Girl Scouts celebrate their 100th Anniversary, which the organization has declared "The Year of the Girl".
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